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Are you using a UK iPhone?
Apple Store in PC World? My mind just exploded. As has been said above, PC World staff are totally clueless about everything and are only there to push 'coverplan's onto gullible customers. The macs were always pushed into a corner, never switched on and made to look as unappealing as possible. I hope this works.
Yeah. Yeah?
Another iMac C2E speed test vote here
The RDF isn't working! More power!
I smell another expensive consumer item to add to Santa's list...
Time to say hello to iTunes Music Publishing
I liked Stacks, I'm going to create app stacks for my office suite, video tools, art apps and audio tools.
I like the new feature that the .Mac site is almost impossible to find on the redesigned apple.com site. (Click on Mac and scroll down to the bottom and in it's there amongst the tiny links.) So much for the upgrade.
New Posts  All Forums: