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Super! Smashing! Great! My mate has converted almost all his DVDs to 720p files for Apple TV, and they look a treat. He showed me a Lost episode trailer from iTunes, and my god it looked like crap. If Apple TV is a hard sell in the states, the UK sales must be dire. Some sites are doing HD video podcasts for Apple TV, and they look great - how long are Apple going to wait to get HD content on iTunes?
iMac replacement plz
Just noticed at Wikidesign that Miglia are bringing out thier Location Free TV hardware soon. Link All we need now is an IPTV solution.
Not to mention that the quality will suffer as it's being encoded a second time.
I wonder how many Beatles tracks will appear in the UK chart once/if they become available on iTunes?
Special Edition iPods to follow?
I really think they should put one in the Princes Quay, Hull, UK.
Isn't there always a share price drop after a Macworld?
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