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Durrrr it's gonna be a headless iMac
Finally some good news amongst the stock options affair and frankly bizarre Sony CyberShot news
£1 on MacPhone
Mac Mini
It would be a good idea if Korg, Roland or Contour could license to make music and video production control surfaces.
Like the 1st generation iPods?
Dagnammit Where's My Anti-gravity Macbooks!!! Apple Suck
Well, what would the alternatives be? If an iPod being a Ferrari, what would a Zune be?
Pah, I was hoping it would be 'Apple issues NEW Airport' Are they waiting for n-certification next year?
Well we can all laugh and poke fun at the PooPod, but never underestimate the power of throwing money at something until it sticks. It seems to be working for the X360 so far.
New Posts  All Forums: