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Now I can cram it into my cycle helmet
To keep the copycats at bay for a little while?
How did this get to be a iPhoto/Picasa thread? Focus, people!
I've never had to do that before, from switching from my old Airport Extreme base station, to Airport Express (connected to a Netgear DSL modem),then to a D-Link all-in-one, and then to an ADSLnation X-Station. Why would the Linksys be any different? The problem is I can't get into the Linksys to change the settings to connect to my DSL connection.
The ADSLnation is a wireless modem/router too. I just want to replace it with one that also works with my DS, that's why I got the Linksys, thinking it would be an easy set up process.
Gnnnn.... *checks how much 20" iMac G5s go for on eBay...*
I recently bought a Linksys WAG354G wireless modem/router for my iMac but whatever I do it's not working. My ADSLnation one works fine, but doesn't work with my DSLite (god knows why.) With the Linksys I get a 401 not authorized error when I go to it's IP address, so I can't set it up. Speaking to Linksys they suggested a hardware reset, which doesn't work. The guy whom I bought it off insists there's nothing wrong with it, and as he puts it:Are there any settings in...
Mmm, a HD iMac... ..how much will it cost?
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