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Well we can all laugh and poke fun at the PooPod, but never underestimate the power of throwing money at something until it sticks. It seems to be working for the X360 so far.
Now I can cram it into my cycle helmet
To keep the copycats at bay for a little while?
How did this get to be a iPhoto/Picasa thread? Focus, people!
I've never had to do that before, from switching from my old Airport Extreme base station, to Airport Express (connected to a Netgear DSL modem),then to a D-Link all-in-one, and then to an ADSLnation X-Station. Why would the Linksys be any different? The problem is I can't get into the Linksys to change the settings to connect to my DSL connection.
The ADSLnation is a wireless modem/router too. I just want to replace it with one that also works with my DS, that's why I got the Linksys, thinking it would be an easy set up process.
Gnnnn.... *checks how much 20" iMac G5s go for on eBay...*
I recently bought a Linksys WAG354G wireless modem/router for my iMac but whatever I do it's not working. My ADSLnation one works fine, but doesn't work with my DSLite (god knows why.) With the Linksys I get a 401 not authorized error when I go to it's IP address, so I can't set it up. Speaking to Linksys they suggested a hardware reset, which doesn't work. The guy whom I bought it off insists there's nothing wrong with it, and as he puts it:Are there any settings in...
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