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I just don't understand why they included the lightning cord but no wall charger adapter? There is also no USB-C or mini-displayport out on the back of this device, so it cannot be used easily with high res monitors. I guess that makes sense if you have no 4k support, but just as HDMI was a huge improvement over RGB-A cords you used to have to run for better than low def content (read, single cord to rule them all), the much smaller USB-C or mini-displayport cords are a...
Additionally, the roaming issue in this article is not the one where iOS 9 turns on cellular boosted connectivity when wifi isn't working, but rather roaming data plans in general by having a built in sim chip in the phone that can be programmatically updated through the phone depending on the carrier you're in range of while abroad. Rates are extremely expensive for data (100 megs cost something like $50 on Verizon I think), and the voice roaming and texting rules are...
As far as @pmz and @applzilla have commented, I wont spend much time rebutting why this is a terrible piece of software, but someone else already has (for desktop) and I strongly agree that this has been the worst and most confusing release in Apple's history, and it should be recalled. http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/review/apples-itunes-12-is-apples-worst-software-ever-should-be-withdrawn I've had nothing but problems with it across laptop, desktop, and iPhone. In...
Right. If your monitor, disk, and wifi consume 0% power, then yes you'll totally get another 3 hours... Except thats not how reality works. Expect maybe an hour bump in apple quotes.
own the worlds worst headphones, NOW AVAILABLE IN GOLD!
Why no heart rate monitor watches? I already have an M7 monitoring my movements. Bundle a heart rate monitor i can wear 24/7 that constantly reports to my iPhone and looks like this and we've got a deal! 
update it to do what exactly? serve as an ibeacon? improve the processor speed? (to what end? where's the benefit?) I'd rather they spend some quality time integrating the remote features into iOS 7 and allowing us to access it via the slide up menu from the bottom as we would air drop or air play when those are available. it takes a bit too much effort getting the app to load... then waiting for it to resolve where it wants to connect... then clicking on the one it wants...
I found a leaked version of this new future feature. Looks awesome. Can't wait to see what this crazy wild future will entail!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmyVzoyY9Jo
 When you build for 64bit it makes a 32bit binary as well and bundles them together... so no. 
 omg,shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up. you guys in these comment boards are killing me with this bile. I'm starting to think all the crazies jumped ship from the sony bandwagon to here.
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