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Posting from the app!!! Very cool. Thanks AI
now we just need the SlingBox app and the ATV would be perfect!
  The iPad is a full fledged compter????   I will compile my next C# project on it then ;-)
  lol, sure. Microsoft will go out of business... ha. Not in any of our life times. Microsoft is bigger than the auto industry which was bailed out by our goverment a few years back. Even if Microsoft wanted to go out of business, they would not be allowed too. Do you even realize just how important Microsoft is to the world. you may not like them, but banks, goverment agencies, wall street, etc, etc, are all running M$ products to control their industires. foolish...
the biggest thing killing RIM is BYOD. use to be any place you needed a smart phone, they handed you a BB.
waste of space since i cannot set a default browser in IOS.
i dont see that option in the pics above....
  actually, on an SSD, more Gb is better for perfomance reasons too.....
  maybe Mountain Lion has more memory requirements as the entire line got memory bumps......
maybe one day all our tech products will be made in the USA.   we can expect to pay 10 times what we pay now and we can expect items to ship 2 years after they are announced.   then we can complain about that !!
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