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Prepare yourselves for "Bengate" in 3... 2... 1...
Nobody is mentioning that, labor costs/availability of skills aside, the whole supply chain of components is built around Asia. It's way more complicated than having americans assemble the iPhone.
It certainly doesn't violate the "Method to Sell a Sh*tload of Units" patent.
Recently I nticed that Stack Overflow is literally FLOODED with questions regarding the Facebook API. Looks as if everyone and their mother are integrating fb in their apps.
Apple needs to 'keep an eye' on suspicious apps (i.e., send user data to server) for an undisclosed period even after they are approved (like an app 'probation'). this way, the bad guys will know they can't be at ease even after approval.
Wow, 12-core GPU. Not that it's gonna prevent the Garbage Collection form stalling your game or anything...
"These are NOT the smartphones you are looking for"
iOS / Mac is for people smart enough to use their intellect to get things done, vs. wasting it just getting things set up. The rest is nerd mantra.
Maps icon is pre-iOS 6...
So, is this good or bad? I lost track of GPU model numbers long time ago... I remember them being in the thousands around 2007, but somehow there seems to have been a 'reboot'...
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