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Maps icon is pre-iOS 6...
So, is this good or bad? I lost track of GPU model numbers long time ago... I remember them being in the thousands around 2007, but somehow there seems to have been a 'reboot'...
Reaearch In Peace
"They have golden arcs, we have golden arcs... The are McDONNALD'S, we are McDOWELL'S"
Karma is a b**tch!
But I thought Steve didn't dress like that when he was about that age!?
They need to listen to more Van Halen
Perhaps the Galaxy S doesn't look anything like the 3GS when you hold it "in person"; but I remember the front-pic (with the icon grid and all) being featured on the covers of many tech magazines here in Japan. Looks pretty much 3GS-ish in that context (and no hint about its real size). It looked pretty lame if you ask me. Samsung: The korean company that secretly wishes it were chinese.
You can't charge someone based on who they are. You must charge them based on what they are purchasing.
In addition, they also asked to sleep with Steve's wife and, since their at it, Tim Cook's car keys.
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