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They better depict unicorns if they wanna make it more realistic!
They also have TWO COOs? Is every position duplicated? Can't they just backup using Time Machine
Intel is "the Microsoft of hardware": They kinda suck (especially on integrated graphics), but stay afloat because everyone and their mother is locked in. A bit of an overstatement, I admit, but you can see the analogy...
Metalica: "...Until it sleeeeeeps" HTC et al.: "...Until it stiiiiicks"
Judging by all those "F**k christmas, didn't get iPhone!" tweets that are circulating the web, I would assume most of these activations are android
A non-Apple tablet that sucks... Shocker! No, seriously... I think many of us had hopes that Amazon would get it done, given their ecosystem...
US Cellular is not "cutting-edge" enough to carry the iPhone
Give it awayyyy Give it awayyy Give it awayyy Nowwww
Wow, windows user using Safari? Really?
The iPhone OS wasn't even called "iPhone OS" when the iPhone launched in 2007. It didn't have an official name, by the way (The closest you get is Steve saying "The iPhone runs Mac OS X" in the keynote). In any case, it makes sense that they wouldn't give away any unannounced products (i.e. iPad in-the-works) by calling the OS anything other than "iPhone OS".
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