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Wow, windows user using Safari? Really?
The iPhone OS wasn't even called "iPhone OS" when the iPhone launched in 2007. It didn't have an official name, by the way (The closest you get is Steve saying "The iPhone runs Mac OS X" in the keynote). In any case, it makes sense that they wouldn't give away any unannounced products (i.e. iPad in-the-works) by calling the OS anything other than "iPhone OS".
Asks for iOS source code, before he can certify iDevices as "kosher"
Also, it wasn't nanoprobe-compatible.
I'm sure "Everywhere" includes "The Dumpster"
Why would I want YET ANOTHER REMOTE? Besides, I have my iPhone with me all the time
Heck, without me, you all wouldn't even exist!
true the map or true the ignorance?
I tend to agree with you. But to be fair, despite what you said Israel is still the closest thing to a Western Democracy that you can find in that area. That doesn't mean the US should support it blindly and unconditionally, time and again.That sounds logical. But current reality is based on a biblical argument. It is very sad that we have put the people who lived there thousands of years ago against the people who have been living for the at least the last hundreds(?) of...
Wow, I've been wrong about the meaning of the word 'NOT' for decades! ...or have I 'NOT'?--------------One of these days, Samsung's products are gonna show up here
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