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...This guy should make up his mind: Wear a T-shirt or cut the pony-tail.
...is that NASA is somehow bound by this "Free Information Act" (Does it apply only to government organizations? I'm no US citizen), yet the signed the apple NDA... Who is to spot these contradictions and when? ...Guess next lawsuit is Apple inc. vs. US Government or NASA?
I think improving overall UX is a smarter move than making the quick buck.
"Quick, hire more kids! We have a deadline to meet!"
I would have thought that places like NASA, FBI, CIA, etc, use unix-based custom OSs whose vulnerabilities (if any) no-one knows about, and NOT every other guys Windows... may be I watched too much 24?
"Trust me... this time it's gonna be different"
If this is true, they're the new Microsoft. If I were a web designer I would just hate them so much now.
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