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We need votes in this forum!
I say bring the Woz
Well I'm sure they're not gonna copy Apple on this one. Sadly...
And a hell of a drop in frame rate. For some pixel operations, I've seen the 4G iPod Touch chuckle where the 3GS shines. Although someone pointed that Apple could make the screen a bit bigger and still be "within retina territory". But I personally dread the very idea of pushing the ppi downwards(even if slightly), feels wrong at this stage. I'd rather stay with the current size.
I've got that too, on the top.
off topic, but the Live Coverage page has two big-a** vertical banner ads on each side, "Get cash for your iPhone"
Sorry to all Elvis fans, but I'd take the iPad 2 any day EDIT: Ooops, sorry for the double post. Just assumed someone would post in between...
It's good to be the king! In any case, I wonder if Steve expressly asked Obama to "not let anyone see the gadget for (at least) one month"... I mean he's a public figure, it takes only one journalist/paparazzo to ruin a massive expectation/secrecy campaign, quite comparable to what we are experiencing now
EDIT: oops, link didn't work. Its the "fuuuuuuu..." cartoon.
Maemo, MeeGo, MeeToo... I get it all mixed up!
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