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Yeah, technically tou're right, but can't quite see a 28 announcement AND it being released in the first half of October.I should have added "IF true, it sucks".That is arguable. There's also a lot of "wasted real estate" in most books' pages and in almost every website designed after 1991 But it actually serves a purpose, I believe.My two concerns about the (rumored) "new design" of the iPhone:1) Decreased PPI - OR - Pixel incompatibility with existing apps. 2) Loss of...
"just weeks away" means "more than 13 days, at least". Forget about a september announcement/early october lauch
So that day has come... incredible. Still remember using POV-Ray 3.x in 1998!!
To be fair, I don't think "making blinking ads in HTML5" is rocket science... But at least they'll have to learn a new technology if they want to continue annoying us That must be rhetoric, since I don't think anybody will defend Vista at this point.
I thought only registered devs could get it?
I understand that the whole "Intel tablet with a fan" is a temporary thing until the actual product releases, but since you are already showing an admittedly half as-... er, "alpha" version of the software, why don't go the full monty and give away prototype tablets with an actual (albeit not optimal) ARM CPU? Even if they don't perform as well as the (ultimately) shipping product, as a developer I would be more interested in testing Windows on the yet-uncharted ARM...
^^So true. I guess the "so hot now, growing, everyone wants a slice"-table market is not just about targeting consumers.But sounds a bit like pharmacists celebrating the spread of a disease....and that would be ARM or Intel?
This is the kind I was refering to. Often recognizable by the join date/number of posts.Nobody is being obsessive. People used to gather in an Apple-centric site to share their enthusiasm, sometimes a bit overblown let's say. That includes venting some frustration towards an often "Apple-unfriendly" world.Then all of a sudden, as Apple stops being the underdog of the tech industry, anyone criticizing Google, Samsung, Adobe or Microsoft is immediately labeled as "iSheep",...
If you hear a fan, we blew it
New Posts  All Forums: