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Bashing anyone who is an avid fan/supporter of Apple is the newest trend here at AndroidInsider and also at WindowsRumors.
That's right, Tim! Stop wasting your time with the henchmen, and go straight for the Boss!
The Sonic ports by SEGA (1 & 2) were quite good. Titles from big game companies seem a bit expensive at first (compared to $0.99 apps, that is), but when you factor in the playing time you get for your buck, it's pretty cool.
To be fair. Amazon does have an ecosystem...
I'm sure it will be a bit more than 20,000
Nice piece of software. It's a shame I don't need to run a second copy of Mac OS X
It is: Star Trek hasn't yet 'started', as of 2011
What, No Ping!?
Just sayin', seems to be the trend recently
Please tell me this figure does NOT include iPads
New Posts  All Forums: