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Please tell me this figure does NOT include iPads
On another news, a teenager claims he does not want to be with his girlfriend only for sex.
OMG I'm soooo surprised!
"That's a nice subscription-based app you have there... It would be a shame if something were to happen to it..."
Microsoft, HTC, etc. Give it up. Having your claim of "too generic" approved is NOT gonna make your 'app stores' suck less.
Just imagine how many IT guys will loose their jobs once the world realizes the scam they have been into since the 80's(?). Once (say) 90% of the people who use computers to work (that 90% which needs constant help to overcome the inherently excessive complexity of PCs) realize they can get away with a device that just works, a device that hides all the useless technicalities in a layer of abstraction. A device that shows to the user only what the user needs to know to...
I've got a last-gen 24 inch iMac. That's how I never pay for a windows disc.
Do you have any proof that they will use it? Apple is innocent until proven otherwise. Before this turns into a conspiracy theory of how evil big-corporation-Apple is, I would like to take a minute to think of for what on earth they would need your UDID. They have your iTunes account, Apple ID, Credit card, iCloud account... That's much more valuable than the UDID of your "old iPhone 3G-become-kids-ipod-touch".
(Somewhere in the HP headquarters): "Okay, phase 1 is complete... Let's move to Phase 2, code-name: DOLLAR SHOP".
Since iOS 4.0 came out, each new Xcode version ships with only the latest version of the SDK (Before that, you would have 2.2, 3.0, 3.1 etc and you could choose the target). Unless you keep backups of previous SDKs and "manually add" them to your Xcode config (I'm not sure about the details of this), it is currently not possible to build against an SDK version lower than the one that shipped with your version of Xcode. You can still set the 'minimum supported version'...
New Posts  All Forums: