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HI Everyone I am just new to the world of Inkscape. I am trying to teach myself the programme, but I am finding it difficult alone and with no backgroudn in the area. I am looking for someone or persons to help me with some watch dial designs. Essentially I would like the person to translate my ideas into SVG, so I can have the dial made. Alos things like logo re-design and logo templates, so I can print the logo on to ready made dials. It should be a really...
I would love to. The only problem is that here the cost difference is closer to $780, depending on the exchange rate. We pay $1820 for the lower end 21'5 imac. (see the attached Gizmodo note) Do you perhaps know how AC runs on this mac?.. Thanks.
Actually that ad is really good. It shows some of the potential of the ipad. Thanks.
You should be able to print more easily than having to use another computer . What if you are using this for a business trip and need to print a document or even a PDF and don't have another computer to transfer it to. I can also see needing to print my boarding pass with this, from the airline website. That should be possible, but seems like it might not be. Thanks.
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