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With the exceptions of the every-so-more-than-often clashes with Obj-C frameworks (ahem, Core Data), Swift is wonderful. I shifted all of my active development to it.  But good news, guys. I'm not crabby anymore because 6.3.1 fixed my woes. I've been using it for a few hours and things are much better.
OMG. 6.3 was a pile of shit. It was literally given to developers as an incomplete piece of software.  Xcode has been a decent IDE through the ages, but 6.3 has been unusable for me.
Ah there's the answer. I wasn't aware the ATV 2 stopped receiving updates. Now that makes sense. 
Is Apple not updating applications on the  TV 2?   Has it gotten any of the channel changes they've been making?   That is really the only reason I can see why that model would be dropped off, since I doubt 1080p support is required to utilize the newer set of APIs (and especially since Youtube happily downsamples).    Edit: It just doesn't make sense to me for some of the devices. I understand not wanting to maintain a suite of applications across an unknown number...
I assume they'll stick it in the watch face in Complication form eventually.
I can answer some of these for you.  1. Yes, Apple sells a few and there are many 3rd party manufacturers heating up this market2. It will say nothing (but may present you with a notification) and work as independently as possible if connected to a Wifi network, which means Messages, Siri, and other Internet enabled things will work, however, functions that tether to the phone will not work, such as 3rd party apps. If no network, you'll be able to use it as a standalone...
The cell phone has been a shitty thing for Amazon.    Essentially the cell phone is what caused the DOA of Echo. Probably the same goes here...    If only Amazon had tried to create mobile phone of their own branding  /s
Nice!   Just to brag, my company just took over their old building ;)
oooooo I hadn't thought about that. I don't think they have released a report for 2015, yet, but I would assume they wouldn't shy away from it this time around.  Had they released a report, I think it may have been too early for the sourcing of the Watch materials to make it on the list, so maybe purposely pushed back?
They get more complex with more features and the ever changing subset of the net. These aren't only bugs, though, but sometimes just flaws in the methods used to get it all working.   As an example, there are exploits that work on how bits of information are stored in RAM and focus on "shifting" that data around to make "Random-Ram-Object" be accessible, even though through all developer contexts, that random blip of memory is totally nonexistent or accessible to the...
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