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A response to prevent the FTC from digging into the schemes that are less apparent that they've been using to otherwise gouge and rip off customers. 
IMO, Spotify's UI sucks and is incredibly hard to navigate without explicit attention on iPhone.   While it might be dated, the Music App is super easy to navigation and after a decade of using it, I can fine tweak Smart Playlists and Genius to make my iTunes library enjoyable and not lose tracks to time, a problem I often have with Spotify.    The moment Apple relaunches Beats, I will be jumping ship. If it's heavily and well integrated into iTunes and Music.app...
I'd appreciate it, and be willing to upgrade, if force touch we're to come to iPad Mini. Currently using an iPad Mini 2 and don't see the appeal in a model that is just slimmer and Touch ID in the upcoming generations. Throw us a bone!
I agree. The revenue stream that Watch faces could bring in is an extra, not the primary purpose of doing it in that fashion.
I don't think people are whining; developers want a device in their hands to work with — regardless of if they plan to use it as a development only Watch or in everyday life. But anyway, I'm glad I stuck with my initial order
 It's not a "I want control" thing, it's a "There are standards and practices" thing.  If apps that start showing watch faces begin appearing in the store, people will be upset at the limited functionality, the inconsistency with how watch faces should work, and the general wonkiness of trying to make something like that work outside of the paradigm created (the Watch App is the center to  Watch's universe, rather than the home screen on iOS). It also makes it harder to...
With the exceptions of the every-so-more-than-often clashes with Obj-C frameworks (ahem, Core Data), Swift is wonderful. I shifted all of my active development to it.  But good news, guys. I'm not crabby anymore because 6.3.1 fixed my woes. I've been using it for a few hours and things are much better.
OMG. 6.3 was a pile of shit. It was literally given to developers as an incomplete piece of software.  Xcode has been a decent IDE through the ages, but 6.3 has been unusable for me.
Ah there's the answer. I wasn't aware the ATV 2 stopped receiving updates. Now that makes sense. 
Is Apple not updating applications on the  TV 2?   Has it gotten any of the channel changes they've been making?   That is really the only reason I can see why that model would be dropped off, since I doubt 1080p support is required to utilize the newer set of APIs (and especially since Youtube happily downsamples).    Edit: It just doesn't make sense to me for some of the devices. I understand not wanting to maintain a suite of applications across an unknown number...
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