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YES.   I've been waiting for this since they announced WatchKit.    I can not fing wait for this massive download to complete.
I was just pushed this update.   GUESS I SHOULDN'T UPDATE, THOUGH.
  Dude.  High-five for this reference.
Apparently this is a rebrand of something they tried pushing to the market earlier with their Galaxy line.    However, here is the thing with Samsung - they throw so many things at the wall hoping that one sticks, they don't actually put the effort in (both engineering and marketing wise) until Apple comes to the market with an idea or system similar. If they offered the thought, the presentation and marketing, and the generally care for the features they bring to the...
Not even the carriers themselves guarantee the deliverance, timely or at all, of text messages sent through their networks.    It's frustrating, sure, but really ridiculous imo. GTFU. 
Just <-> jus' = jus You <-> ya' = ya  Hmm... right? I'm pretty sure the apostrophes can be used to force expose elisions in sentences, which is required in words like "jus", but always not in words like "ya", depending on context and inflection. I could be wrong, though, so don't quote me on this (get it?!)
Hey now!Apostrophes can also be used to expose elisions! Though I don't know if "ya" is considered one or not. :)
 While others may disagree, I can say that Tim Cook has been the best thing to happen to Apple this decade and I feel more confident than ever in it's direction than any other under Jobs because of this. 
If you don't mind me asking, why OS X?  For the preexisting software? That'd be the only real reason I could see wanting OS X over iOS. At the current moment in time, except for the hardware behind it (which is "potentially" more powerful than any iDevice), iOS and OS X's internal APIs are shaping to be very similar, offering similar components and API accessibility between the two. You can do the same things with software, albeit a few more restrictions, on iOS that you...
THIS is exactly what I wanted to see drilled out. As sure as I am that they couldn't keep up with Apple's demands, I'm also sure (and we've seen) the upper management were quick to cash out before shit had hit the fan. 
New Posts  All Forums: