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Don't get me wrong, I'm patient and would rather have a completed, well polished product in April rather than a piece of shit today I just think it is a little ridiculous. Even now, I'm asking why did they announce it so early? While I suppose it was around the same amount of time we waited between iPhone announcement and iPhone launch (maybe even iPad, too), the break of the years creates the perception of they announced it last year! When are we going to get it?  But...
They should have said "mid summer" and then dumped it on us "early" by two months.   But I suppose that doesn't hold off as many Smart Watch sales as "Early 2015".
The  TV is in need of some lovin'
Mismanaged memory, it sounds like!   People who enable TRIM need to remember that they need to check compatibility with SSDs they pop in - Most SSDs come with garbage collection techniques which are pretty good these days and TRIM can cause conflict on some drives because of that.  Not that it isn't beneficial, it totally is, just as long as it doesn't degrade your SSD! 
Cue the "Is it safe to update to?"    But really.
edit Scratch that, I'm thinking Johnson.But I still agree. Right up Ahrendts alley.
Ok? Those comparisons do not mean anything, really... Project Zero released exploits that are being actively discussed, worked on, or have a planned distribution date in the past, against the wishes of the company that is actively responding to the issue.  Have you actually read those pages you linked to? They say things like:   Those are all from the CERT and you can find the same information and disclosure practices in the IETF. They actually handle these situations...
STANDARDIZATION and COMMITMENT are two big factors in many Apple rollouts involving other companies in which own their and their products' reputations are up for the trial by extension.
It's not even that Android these days is bad. It can be a quite nice alternative to iOS. Android is just so bastardized by OEMs who hardly give the software any sort of moment to shine, that its overall perception fell below a point that was sustainable. That, and they absolutely ruined its ecosystem which is a major factor in looking over iOS's shortcomings in the past.
 Maybe you should reread my post, which gives them praise for their work, but not their practices:  "Hey, why don't we go to Google Project Zero and read the vulnerabilities that are not patched yet, because of their complexity in function." 
New Posts  All Forums: