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 Aw, they're pretty good looking in use. These are the first set of icons where gradients all flow the same way, which is a step up from the mess that is Weather, App Store, Videos, and Mail icon gradient craziness on iOS.
Whoops: Quoted the wrong post but too lazy to find the right one.    I assume that the DP's have more drastic changes involving the API that developers interact with, so more updates are pushed out to meet those more sensitive issues vs the betas.    There are some general user facing issues that have been fixed I'm sure, but, there's no need in re-rolling a new build of 10.10 then distribute it to (just) a million users if there is only a few icon updates or only a...
Not necessarily only the raw costs of product, but also the supply since it's a material that is tough to produce - multiplied by millions of units on a very tight time table.
This. I had mine fail under warranty and they swapped it. It failed a second time, out of warranty, and I had to cover the cost.  I would have much rather invested that money into a new MBP, but since I just upgraded SSD, RAM, and BTcard there isn't a reason to.
 Then you tell me: How exactly does providing money to disadvantaged minorities hurt anyone else? 
Right.We know is that it is a pretty common, random, and seemingly widespread issue. Without real numbers though, none of that means anything.
You compare my asking you to try to understand the cause of social disruptions among your fellow citizens to terrorism. Terrorism. These people are our country as much as you or me.
First, I never advocated violence, merely asked you to understand what is causing it, which you have failed to even try.  Second, if violence should be met with violence, then the actions of these people are justified by everything I showed you in examples above because discrimination exists and it results in unwarranted deaths and imprisonment of so many.  If I were to be called a racist, my first thought would not be to immediately defend myself and my positions. How is...
Are you serious? That's actually just plain offensive. It's systematic and black people certainly do not riot "every time" there's a controversial murder, because if that were the case, you would know about it way more often and maybe understand the situation as a whole. Maybe that's what it takes for people like you to see there's a problem. This kid was murdered in the street with many details pointing towards straight out police brutality in a situation that started...
 Providing money to disadvantaged African Americans puts white people at a disadvantage. A disadvantage of what? Not being as superior over minority races? yeah.
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