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Can I just move "My Music" to the front of the tabs?
 Delegating these decisions to large labels doesn't mean that the artists should be free of the choices or consequences. The artists were the ones who choose their representatives in this industry, and those representatives went on to help form and sign the deal on their behalf. The people who the artists choose to represent them believe that the conversion afterwards will be worth the payout, and while the views may not be the same, the view of the label stands in place...
It's not even the creepiness level because I'm used to it with the electronics of now, but the price for the value.    I don't see how a $180 tube can effectively replace the functionality of Siri or Google now, which are now attached at the wrist. As the tube, you lose the visual feedback component that is incredibly useful for performing heavy weight tasks.
Because you can never tell with the future, I'm not going to say it'll never happen. But as things stand now, it's highly unlikely. Not only is video chatting incredibly low, the fact that you'd need to hold your wrist up to use it would kill any  Watch usage of it. After a few seconds, things get uncomfortable exponentially. Maybe for quick photos? Even then, it's going to take some evolution of how we interact with technology to make it useful. Anyway, I'd much rather...
Why aren't these artists taking issue with their label who made these negotiations for them?
Well deserved, but I'm sure ATT got what they wanted from doing that, which was to shift more people for a more cost effective plan for them.
I think the best thing is the investments into the trackpad technology.I agree with Jobs that touching a laptop or desktop screen isn't very enjoyable, however cool and seemingly translatable. But the way Apple've been pumping R&D into touch surfaces, gesture control, and the direct interaction it takes within OS X is incomparable to any input method ever for a computer. I can't imagine using a touchscreen to work with a code editor, which means I would lose "gestuability"...
A response to prevent the FTC from digging into the schemes that are less apparent that they've been using to otherwise gouge and rip off customers. 
IMO, Spotify's UI sucks and is incredibly hard to navigate without explicit attention on iPhone.   While it might be dated, the Music App is super easy to navigation and after a decade of using it, I can fine tweak Smart Playlists and Genius to make my iTunes library enjoyable and not lose tracks to time, a problem I often have with Spotify.    The moment Apple relaunches Beats, I will be jumping ship. If it's heavily and well integrated into iTunes and Music.app...
I'd appreciate it, and be willing to upgrade, if force touch we're to come to iPad Mini. Currently using an iPad Mini 2 and don't see the appeal in a model that is just slimmer and Touch ID in the upcoming generations. Throw us a bone!
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