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The cell phone has been a shitty thing for Amazon.    Essentially the cell phone is what caused the DOA of Echo. Probably the same goes here...    If only Amazon had tried to create mobile phone of their own branding  /s
Nice!   Just to brag, my company just took over their old building ;)
oooooo I hadn't thought about that. I don't think they have released a report for 2015, yet, but I would assume they wouldn't shy away from it this time around.  Had they released a report, I think it may have been too early for the sourcing of the Watch materials to make it on the list, so maybe purposely pushed back?
They get more complex with more features and the ever changing subset of the net. These aren't only bugs, though, but sometimes just flaws in the methods used to get it all working.   As an example, there are exploits that work on how bits of information are stored in RAM and focus on "shifting" that data around to make "Random-Ram-Object" be accessible, even though through all developer contexts, that random blip of memory is totally nonexistent or accessible to the...
No worry about resources pulling from iOS dev, if that is the fear. Nintendo would target the market that is most profitable, which is the iOS market hands down. The amount of usage, ease & time of development, exposure, and just the average receipt for the App Store all count in that profitability.  If they wanted to bridge into feature phones, I think it would be after a run on a platform that will create revenue vs a market that only just might.  Or, maybe they'll lean...
IoT Internet of Things   It all sounds so stupid.
I'm pretty sure they meant modify the connector to that way it was Mag-safe like, but retain the USB C connector.  Don't get me wrong, I agree with dropping older technologies to pave the way for new ones (and in this case, too!), but Apple has been willing to make modifications to the standards proposed by USB-IF in the past! Admittedly I only know of them modifying power output, not anything to do with the actual form of the connector itself.  Though, I agree, this was...
 No, nature does not have a plan. It does not think. It merely happens and happening does not justify right or wrong.  Nature does not tell you anything but what you want to hear or else you would be, hands down, for polygamy.
 Thanks for bring that up. Here, for further evidence on how that study didn't actually measure the outcomes of children in those context.  You don't know what nature intends because it doesn't intend anything. It doesn't tell us anything; you are merely seeing a small something and acting on that limited knowledge. I feel as though you have not read any studies that show how homosexuals in other animal species can be beneficial to the heterosexual members and therefore...
The Department of Justice and thousands of people who have actually studied this in depth and committed time into understanding the socioeconomic situations of the United States are willing to say otherwise.  Listen, I don't doubt you've had your fair share of hardships - everyone does. But this isn't about you.
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