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Wow.   It really looks like Apple will get the short end of the stick here. And it seems likely they're ready to cut their losses now and move on, potentially to a better partner. 
 I don't think that many lock switches have failed... ever.  But anyway, though I loved the convenience of the orientation lock, I'm not too sad to see it go.
I think iOS 8's Mail.app is good. Really good. So much better that I'm wishing that Mailbox's organizational method wasn't better because now they've got some distance to gain to be the better mail app.
How is it a stopgap? Or is it that noticable? I'm on a 6, so no first hand experience.I feel as though 99.n% of people would have no idea this process is happening behind the scenes if it hadn't of been spelled out on the Internet. Of course, not doubting an eye trained in the matter or obvious issues in the process.
Good luck.  "Skynet is crippling global communications in preparation for its attack."
Apple just stopped signing the 8.0.1 IPSW.
Seems to be specifically related to iPhone 6/+ who update OTA.  People have been restoring to 8.0.1 without problems through iTunes. Sadly, since I'm stuck at work, I'm broken until this evening.
Thanks Apple,  You seemed to fix the problem where my phone could make calls and TouchID was working perfectly.    iPhone 6, ATT, OTA.  
It's an iPhone 6/+ issue. Currently without cellular service and TouchID acts as if it didn't exist.
 You have to get nit-picky whenever everything else is perfect. /s  Anyway - I'm quite disappointed with the Developers. It's taking an awfully long time to update their apps to support the new sizes - I understand it will take some time (for some, not all), but I've had one, just only one, app updated for the new resolution since Friday. I really would have figured that devs would be pushing out minor updates faster. 
New Posts  All Forums: