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http://www.quora.com/Whose-fault-is-the-Heartbleed-bug I think the answers here, and specifically the first, generally reflect my feelings about this. 
 This is entirely false. The OpenSSL Heartbeat component was submitted with review and had many tests written against it - and albeit that bug remained consistent throughout, you can't test every possible scenario until they arise or have been thought of ahead of time. Unfortunately, this goes to show how hard a programmers job is, and that nothing is full proof, and no matter how obvious, problems can be masked and overlooked. We all make mistakes regardless of...
This.  I love my 4" phone and am nervous about them going much larger (Yeah, I'm one of those). 4.7, though, I can do. 5"+ is much too large and the primary reason I did not like the Nexus 5, which was just a hair smaller. 
Ah! I didn't think about that but it makes sense.
I don't understand how the slower iPad mini with Retina sales can be compared to the slower sales of the iPad 3, especially considering it's not noticeably thicker and it's packed with the same internal components as the Air? Did that little extra thickness really play into it? I don't even notice it on my riPad mini.
 It can? Says who? Says you? I highly doubt your single opinion about "what's done easily" has any sort of weight versus the decisions of the people building the product - people who knew ALL of the factors, have a history in this type of thing, and are working to create the best product imaginable. In fact, as a developer, it's insulting for you to think that one did not do their research before going along with it and that "you know what is best". I do this shit for a...
Has privacy been a concern? No. Maybe for the select few, but not the millions of others.Can iOS be updated easily? It depends on what your definition of easy is. You don't even know how often they do make changes to the Siri engine - it could be everyday, it could be once as month, but I guarantee you it is much easier to update a server farm than change iOS and then push that update out to millions of iDevices frequently.And no, iPhone hardware in it's current form...
There isn't just a single way.I mean, by this time, the majority of Apple's devices that are sold are connected to the Internet one way or another. I get it, networks suck sometimes, other times there's slow or no WiFi, but more often than not, if you're using one of these devices you're online.  You're also forgetting all of the benefits that come from the server communication. Apple can make updates to the Siri engine without ever needing to update the device, you can...
I remember having the iPad 2 when the mini was released, and torn between keeping it or swapping for the mini. Frankly, because they were the same tablet I waited until the Retina mini, which I love. But until that point my iPad 2 worked flawlessly. 
THIS KILLS ME. My discreet graphics card failed a few months ago, right outside of my AppleCare expiration. $300 fix! Upsetting when my last MacBook lasted 5 years with upkeep, and this one hardly went 2 without having a major failure. I have no problem paying to get it fixed, but this is OBVIOUSLY a widespread problem.
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