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>Apple became the first U.S. company to reach over $700 billion market cap value. > That's double the value of Microsoft and almost double that of Google. Why are they > choosing to nickel-and-dime the users that account for over 70% of their record > breaking profits? If Google and Amazon can offer free, unlimited photo storage, > so can Apple. They reached $700 billion market cap value precisely because they are not doing what Google or Microsoft do. "Apple" and "free"...
Idiotic girl. Tell her to ask her contacts go to the Contacts app and change her phone type from iPhone to mobile. Than iPhone will not send iMessages any more. That's all... Really idiotic girl.
It is good when kids learn how to work as a part of their school education. It is much better than learning to drug themselves. I'd only welcome if some kids worked in their holidays somewhere. That gives them a good sense of how the value in life is created.
Who cares what he says? Who is he? A looser, who means nothing these days. Stop quoting him.
It is not a shift in secrecy. Leopard was announced long before it was out. Snow Leopard was announced too. Lion was announced half a year before being out. It was always like this for any version of OS X. There is no change.
I am in Europe. My timezone is set correctly. iPhone changed time and I did not have any problem with alarm, it sounded at the correct time. I have iPhone 3G with iOS 3.1.3.
Fake. Look at the second image: this would never be Apple design. DIfferent parts even look different. Not possible in the era of Apple unibody design.
Well, 5Ghz never worked well to me with older TC & AE. It was much slower (10x or so) than 2.4GHz. I have no other networks around and no other equipment (live deep in the country side). Not surprising.
Balmer just do not get it. Think of it. Would you use the phone that constantly refreshes something? Will you be able to work or rest? In my opinion – useless and wrong attempt to get something different.
New Posts  All Forums: