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Multiuser would me allow to share my iPod with my wife when travelling. So she would not need to get one of her own. Multiuser is killing sales. Will not happen.
1000 minutes included, 1000 sms included, 1GB included 8,99 € / month and you are not committed beyond 1 month. And the provider is making money. Poor old Austria. What is wrong with the cell phone market in the US?
Don't know about the "little" part. But I can confirm the "late" part: Have been a BB user for the last 2 years, but come Monday, my company will give me a little box with a fruity logo as a replacement.
Maybe they are not available on iTunes anymore? But still would be strange if it then would not upload your own copiers....
What is offered to Amazon is a Problem: If you sell a LOT of those you will accumulate LOTS of losses (real money, regarding their almost zero-margin.) Then they NEED to sell a LOT of content to break EVEN. So that's the strategy. And in order to close the deal they HAD to close the device. I would not bet on this being a success. Not at all.
IIRC earnings were up 54%. Really BAD quarter. Keeping things in perspective: Amazon made 3.5% (0.035) of the profit Apple made. And that was BEFORE shipping millions ob Kindle Fires with a loss. I really hope Jim B. makes it to orbit with Blue Origin. But he might have a real problem soon with Amazon.
IIRC Amazon last quarter made a profit of some $ 200mio. Apple made over 7 BILLION. If this continues, Apple will make more profit in 10 days than Amazon in a YEAR. So Amazon can only succeed (a little) as long as Apple does not feel threatened. Because Amazon can subsidize an Amazon-tablet. But they cannot subsidize dozens millions of tablets to fight a tablet war against apple. The money simply is not there.
Rosetta is NOT on the Snow Leopard disc. It was a seperate download promting you when you first tried to open a PPC app.
1. Not innovating = Android. Very, very much an iOS clone. (Colleagues using Android phones have no problem admitting this.) 2. When announcing the iPhone 4,5 years ago Steve Jobs said "and boy have we patented it." Now Apple is protecting their IP. Surprised? Really? 3. Let's not even talk about Schmidt having been an Apple board member at the "right" time. Ridiculous.
Why do you not READ the article? Nothing about exclusivity. Nothing about Apple blocking anything. Just everybody else sitting on his fat ass waiting to see if this is successful and then decide to join. You blame the wrong company!
New Posts  All Forums: