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Way to go Apple!
Haters gonna hate! 
Look at the new info on Apple's site. It answers a lot of your questions.
Isn't it Six Thunderbolt 2 ports? (The Keynote stream had 6 Firewire 2 ports)
I don't think Retina 15" has any more "screen real estate" than the regular 15" MacBook Pro. Just sharper. Like the iPhone and iPad. The 17" still has more on the screen.   (this is a reply to a post on page 1 about the Retina 15")
All fixed.
Facebook is kind of retarded. People think they are socializing but are they? Are we socializing here? I don't care if Zuckerberg is successful or not, I don't even know him. Neither do any of you. That's the point, you are only seeing an online persona, you aren't actually getting to know people unless you also see them in real life.
The conundrum is the micro adaptation of green energy in a laptop vs the huge amount of fossil fuel still supplying our electricity, worldwide. While Apple's attempts are laudable there will be a diminishing of returns as they push the envelope at their level while worldwide there is a relatively slow move away from fossil fuel. I said worldwide, not just Germany. Real change needs to take place at a much higher level. The commercials for Nissan Leaf in the US would have...
Or go right to X like FCP.
Don't think Apple will go backwards in dpi.
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