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I agree. Efficient coding is mandatory for a good website. Dreamweaver is a great program but I spend more time in code view than design view, as it should be. That is why there are professionals. You can write HTML5 compliant code (as far as it goes for a not completely adopted standard) in Dreamweaver all day long.
I just downloaded Chrome. I like it best already and 142/160. Wow!
Also don't fall for idiots saying Apple will stop being a computer company. You can't develop high end rich internet apps on an iPad. You need an actual type on a real keyboard, put your files in folders computer. Apple will ALWAYS provide them. They actually can do more than one thing at once.
I use CS4 Master on Apple platform. I love this combination. I also write a lot of my own code in Dreamweaver most of the time but love a lot of the time saving features. Why would someone pay you to build their sites if you don't know how to control your code. They could just use simple code generators and pre-made templates. Adobe is not going anywhere. They will adapt to H5. Flash will also be useful for many years. Learn Javascript AND Actionscript. You will not waste...
There is no need for Macbooks if the Macbook Pro continues to stretch as broad as it does now. A lot of Macbook users will be able to do all they typically do with the iPad. That is the genius of it.
Have Best Buy SKU rumors ever panned out?
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