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Is this announced by Apple or just AI? I think we still need Lion 10.7.2 ON THE OTHER HAND WHILE I'M TYPING THIS I JUST GOT THE NOTIFICATION THAT MY NEW 4S IS SHIPPED!!!
Yeah, anyway, what going on here?!
I like how they carefully came up with exactly 18.8 million while in the chart they are guessing at how many have already upgraded.
I heard his first cousin once removed, Eddie, writes the copy.
iTunes 10.5 did not recognize my original iPhone at all when tethered to the USB port. It just beeps.
We are still waiting on a Lion update also. There needs to be an iCloud icon in the Sys Pref Network panel. iCloud Icon
I am assuming that there will be a Lion update that will give an iCloud option under accounts in Address Book and iCal, for instance. Also an iCloud icon in System Preferences to sign up? Will iTunes sync with the iOS 5 device wirelessly but work similar to iOS 4 otherwise? Thanks.
Thanks for al of the replies. (I did look at your link, Crowley, don't agree it really shows evolution that leads more complex life) I agree weird stuff goes on in the deep places on earth. Weird things go on outside of the dimension we live in too. Just be open minded enough to consider it. The origins of life the way we know it has never been replicated yet either. I just believe that there is a creator that made it all instead of happenstance. Which one is more...
You've only pointed to adaptation to environment. Do some research on how complex your eye is. There is nothing in any stage that shows this could happen with chance, time, mutation, evolution or anything else. Sensitivity to light is far different than what our eyes can do. By design. God put a curse on his creation after the rebellion of man. That is why there are mutations that result in decay. Review the second law of thermodynamics and tell me why every single thing...
Was kidding about metamorphosis being evolution. I understand that there is no observable evolution, only theory. Complete science requires the theory to be provable before it becomes fact. It is not possible for small changes to turn into something as complex as a human eyeball. It takes design and a plan for building it. You can take more time and make the changes as small as you want. Who designed the end product? I believe I have an answer.
New Posts  All Forums: