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And it will turn out to be as successful as the "Zune" as well.  LOL!!!
Hopefully this earnings report will break the outrageous funk we have been stuck in for the last few months. We need to start trading back on the fundamentals.
About time China does something about this.
It just keeps getting better and better!!!
Everyone is missing the growth in China...... YoY growing at 118%!!!  Earnings will rock!!!!  :)
So nice not to be referred to as "other" anymore!
Hey Google..... just create your OWN content and IP and you will have nothing to worry about!
People need to realize the Kindle DOES NOT offer the same experience as the iPad! It is a cut rate product that doesn't even come close to Apple's product!
Apple Inc. should just open their own cellular company!
How fitting for Apple Inc. to take over H-P's campus! Just a sign of things to come.
New Posts  All Forums: