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  Hey, Hands Sandon, is this news story about you?   http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/05/01/man-angry-over-boston-bombings-breaks-jaw-of-fcking-muslim-iraq-war-veteran/  
As the NRA rightly suggests, the only solution is to hire and arm 100,000 new government employees.
Mitt Romney is not going to win the election. Granted, that is the outcome I want. But this statement is based on empirical and anecdotal data. When one looks that data, one can see that any other outcome is very unlikely.     The List (which is my own...not copied).   1. The election already happened and Mitt Romney lost.   By just about any data point (anecdotal or otherwise), Mitt Romney is not going to win.
  Very insightful analysis. You are an impressive scholar.
  Thanks for your insightful contributions.
Maybe I missed the relevant passage in the article, but what exactly are you referring to?
'Twas all a big joke, folks. We never believed that the rapture was going to happen today. That would be ridiculous! Ha ha ha. So funny!Wait, it's past 6 pm on the 21st, right? Oh, ok, just checking. Yes, it was big joke!!*poker face*
Don't worry, we aren't forgetting.
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