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Garnet is frequently used for woodwork, but aluminium oxide is the most common, found in the widest category/variety of grits, and can be used on wood and metal as well. In the video, he mentions using sandpaper which abrading material is aluminium oxide.
Honestly, scratch test is so boring. Sandpapers are usually made with aluminium oxide which has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, since the surface against which the sandpaper is applied is a modified glass (around 7 on Mohs scale), and not sapphire, it will obviously be scratched.
What about 10.10.3 Beta?
I guess that they won’t be able to boast that they can simply remove the battery to replace with another one when needed.
Where are their usual "Apple is doomed" speech? They could just admit that they know absolutely nothing, especially when they make their silly predictions. Like many previous posts! Whatever they say is simply just pure rubbish!
 True. That sounds more logical than trying to merge everything together. 
But it could happen, no? I suppose that Apple will figure out a way.
Am I the only one who see this as the beginning of the merger between OS X and iOS?
I didn’t get that /Users problem.   What I noticed is that iTunes plays DTS and DTS-HD MA audio!
Well, USA doesn't really celebrate the 12 days of Xmas.
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