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    Yeah! That's what I thought, too. In other words, no innovation.
And what are Samsung's innovations lately?
I prefer the previous layout. It just looks better to me than the rounded rectangle.
German Federal Police alerted by US Military came knocking at this guy's door after he made a joke on Facebook about visiting an NSA facility. Not giving any intel? Not so sure. Companies have great PR department. http://m.spiegel.de/international/germany/a-911451.html
Honestly, I don't even think that it means anything. I believe that they are all trying to save their face.
Anyone managed to create a chart with Numbers? Still can't figure if out.
I thought that you could enable WebGL in Safari through the Develop menu?
I suggest that you all learn to read because you obviously did not understand the message. I do not feel like teaching grammar and syntax.
LOL subscription… right! I paid for my Whatsapp because I have an iPhone, but users of other platforms paid nothing simply because Whatsapp does not enforce the subscription. Is it not great to know that iOS users pay for themselves, and all the users of other platform, too? And when they supposedly will begin to require subscription from users, those who already got a free right will continue to get a free ride because they will be grandfathered in. Just peachy.
I just realised that AppleInsider had an iOS app… since December! Wasn't this advertised in any way, or was I completely out of this world to have missed it until now? LOL
New Posts  All Forums: