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Thanks. I'll try that tonight.
And how does one verify that light leaks?
How does one verify if the screen is made by LG or Samsung?
3 of the top 10 are oil companies…
Indeed! At 10:45 this morning! Finally, the wait is over! Ordered on 25/03, delivered on 15/04. 3 weeks in total. And it's customised. Not so bad.
It never happened with me before with Apple/FedEx. They were always dead right on time. The package always lands in Memphis or Indianapolis in my case. And at this moment it's in Indianapolis…
How am I f-ing supposed to get my iPad 2 tomorrow as expected if the iPad is stuck in Alaska since Sunday, huh? It usually stops in Memphis before getting here. WTF :@ Me wants me iPad 2 Going to have to wait until Friday or next week?!!?
Damn you both! Considering that I was supposed to only get my iPad on the 22nd, and now I'm getting it 2 days after you, because it's customised, I'll let it slide! HAHA
O-M-G! O-M-G! O-M-G! Apple just shipped my iPad 2. A WEEK IN ADVANCE! It was supposed to ship on 15/04. Instead I'll get it on 13/04. HAHAHA I suppose that I would have gotten it even earlier if I hadn't customised it!
New Posts  All Forums: