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Is it me or the apps purchased through the Mac App Store have different file permission compared to other apps? The system owns the apps, and everyone else had a read-only access. Does someone know the reason for this?
SHIT! I have an LG screen! Will need to call Apple!
Thanks. I'll try that tonight.
And how does one verify that light leaks?
How does one verify if the screen is made by LG or Samsung?
3 of the top 10 are oil companies…
Indeed! At 10:45 this morning! Finally, the wait is over! Ordered on 25/03, delivered on 15/04. 3 weeks in total. And it's customised. Not so bad.
It never happened with me before with Apple/FedEx. They were always dead right on time. The package always lands in Memphis or Indianapolis in my case. And at this moment it's in Indianapolis…
How am I f-ing supposed to get my iPad 2 tomorrow as expected if the iPad is stuck in Alaska since Sunday, huh? It usually stops in Memphis before getting here. WTF :@ Me wants me iPad 2 Going to have to wait until Friday or next week?!!?
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