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It was 4:15 EDT and I placed my order for my 32GB WiFi iPad 2 with a black leather Smart Cover. I will get around 2 weeks after it ships which takes 2-3 weeks. No glitch whatsoever during the order, though. I'm not crazy enough to go do the queue. Waking up in the middle of the night is well enough!
Yes all from iTunes.
Yes well I won't use the iPad as an iPod. I have like a terabyte worth of movies and TV programmes. but I think that I'll go for 64 if wifi only and 32 for 3G
I'm going to go downtown Montreal. Should I get the wifi or the wifi+3G? Is the 3G worth it? 32 or 64?
Apple will put its pile of cash to use!
Apple TV with latest update + (HDMI to HDMI) Sharp AQUOS Quattron 52" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Best TV ever! :P) = No flickering whatsoever so far.
The only reason I see China developing its own CDMA and LTE version is to better control and censor the information.
I don't quite see how the Warner app goes against the guidelines? You buy through in-app purchase (controlled iTunes/Apple), so Apple will get its 30% cut! Don't see how things can go wrong… and this is a new app, an therefore the guidelines should have been enforced prior to store release.
Flash Player 10.2 is also the version at which Adobe (finally) drops PPC support.
This is what Adobe says about video hardware acceleration on Windows and Mac (last paragraph)
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