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The only reason I see China developing its own CDMA and LTE version is to better control and censor the information.
I don't quite see how the Warner app goes against the guidelines? You buy through in-app purchase (controlled iTunes/Apple), so Apple will get its 30% cut! Don't see how things can go wrong… and this is a new app, an therefore the guidelines should have been enforced prior to store release.
Flash Player 10.2 is also the version at which Adobe (finally) drops PPC support.
This is what Adobe says about video hardware acceleration on Windows and Mac (last paragraph)
Ovbiously, I'm excluded yet again!
It's working fine on my 8-y.o. PPC!
How ironic… Funny how things work. It's the swing of the pendulum, I guess.
Those are still swipe cards... The US really is trailing behind. While the rest of the world is all ready and using chip & PIN debit/credit cards, the US still not.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the same people who not long said in response to something that Steve Jobs said that it's not difficult to develop for the Android platform, and that the fragmentation that Jobs was referring to is just rubbish?
You can now set iTunes to "Always Show Artwork" when you are in album view whereas it used to be 3+ tracks (if artwork size set to small) from a same album to see an artwork
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