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Gosh. My bad. My apologies. I don't know why I was thinking it was at noon EDT. But I stand corrected. It is indeed 6pm UK/Portugal and 7pm western EU continental time. I'm surely mixing up with this appointment that I have tomorrow for an interview.
No it's not. It's 5pm UK time, and 6pm western continental EU time, except Portugal which has the same time as UK.
Did any 3G user upgraded to 4.0.2? I don't want to change from 3.1.3 to 4.0.2. iOS4 is just sluggish on iP3G. Did Apple change anything?
Prices of iPhone 4 in Canada: Rogers/Fido & Telus locked iPhone 8 GB - 3GS - 3 years - 99 CAD 16 GB - iP4 - 3 years - 159 CAD 32 GB - iP4 - 3 years - 269 CAD That's 30 CAD less than the 3G and 3GS when they were released. Bell locked iPhone: 8 GB - 3GS - 3 years - 99,95 CAD 16 GB - iP4 - 3 years - 159,95 CAD 32 GB - iP4 - 3 years - 269,95 CAD Rogers, Telus no-contract locked iPhone 16 GB - iP4 - 649 CAD 32 GB - iP4 - 749 CAD Bell no-contract locked iPhone ? Apple...
Just plug in your iPhone to iTunes.
Surprised myself. But it got fixed. So I suppose that someone must have seen it.
Just quoting the last sentence. Read each word carefully.N.B. If you're done with the sentence and didn't notice anything... something's wrong.
It's working so far. Clicking on the comments button works, and the comments count is working, too. So good job!
Yay! It's working again. Good job. Thanks! (though the comment count doesn't show anymore. Perhaps something that will soon be fixed, or some compromise to make the button work.)
How long before this gets fixed? If you need the steps, here, on both the iPhone Safari and Mac Safari (with the user agent set to iPhone Safari 3.1.3) 1. go to appleinsider.com. you should be redirected to iphone.appleinsider.com 2. click on any article 3. scroll down, and click on XX comments 4. voilÃ*. you see the "no such article" appear at the top of the article list instead of being sent to the forums. In order to get view the comments, I have to scroll all the way...
New Posts  All Forums: