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So does this means that there will not be a WWDC QuickTime Stream?
With pictures: Reading an AI tweet within Twitter.app for iPhone Clicking and loading of the shortened URL from within Twitter Nothing happening Sending the URL to Safari Mobile Seems like it's loading, but... Nothing happening Going in the address bar and pressing go Nothing happening Typing the URL of AI Site loads I don't know why this is happening. It never happened before. It's been like this for a few weeks now,...
Links to AI site doesn't open in my Twitter.app. Clicking on the short link simply loads a blank page, and telling Twitter.app to open the link in safari does the same. I have to type the AI URL manually (iphone.appleinsider.com) or open AI bookmarked homepage, and navigate to the article to be able to read it. Am I the only one?
No, that was a reply to a user talking about landline broadband.
Cable.Novus offers up to 200 Mbits (optic fiber to the building)Eastlink, Shaw offer up to 100 Mbits (cable)Rogers, Videotron, Cogeco offer up to 50 Mbits (cable)Bell offers up to 25 Mbits (DSL)
We get 30 and 50Mbits in this part of Canada.
It's only a matter of time.
14,4 Mbits that still lag behind most HSPA+ networks around the world at 21Mbits.
They already did. Just read the Canadian press release. Here: http://www.apple.com/ca/pr/library/2010/05/07ipad.html Prices: 16GB: Wi-Fi $CAD549, 3G $CAD679; 32GB: Wi-Fi $CAD649, 3G $CAD779; 64GB: Wi-Fi $CAD749, 3G $CAD879.
Same here, too. Flash is the only reason Safari crashes on my Mac. Safari practically never crashes otherwise. Can't live without Click2Flash either. Makes surfing so much better.
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