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Analysts and so-called experts don't even know what they want from Apple. And even if Apple does release or do whatever that they want or expect, they still would not be happy. So I say, "Meh!"
But why does it seems like it is only Apple that is having new year bug?
I wonder what causes this bug.
Downloaded it just seconds ago at 23.41 in Montreal without problem
Locating Mildura is pointing it to the proper location indeed. But routing to it is still not right.
I'm curious. Is it 64-bit yet?
The latter. I don't necessarily want to comment on that particular news post. Just get to the forum homepage.
You guys will probably LOL this one! Don't worry if you don't understand French. There should be subtitles in the Flash version of this YouTube video.   Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-b2YNErwxw  
I know that this is not related to the mobile forum, but we really, like really, need a direct link to the Forums from the mobile homepage (iPhone.appleinsider.com) or any article. Perhaps in the page footer?
Not too long ago, it took Apple a whole year to sell as many!
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