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Haha! Great posts!
There aren't that many things to complain about… And I've shared pretty much everything that I've encountered.
Perhaps it's because you look good saying it or something… Haha! :P
Have you tried http://appleid.apple.com
I wonder why this email arrive now (yesterday for me). I had @icloud.com email for a while now, a month at least. No I am not an iCloud beta user or anything. And did not get any favour from Apple (that I know of, at least).
I don't think that having an excerpt of the latest post is not a very useful information. Here's why: Depending what was the last post that you read, knowing the beginning of the latest post is useless because you will need to go back anyway to continue reading where you left off. Removing the excerpt would give back some space, and therefore show more content. With the gained space, you could show how many pages there are for that thread, additionally to...
I know. That's me having fun with the news, and Jony Ive taking over UI. :P  
Indeed, you should have! :P
Yes, I know it's a drop down menu list, but I just don't understand why you posted it. Sorry if I missed something, though.  
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