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No Passbook for Canada
Steve Jobs would be so pissed off right now! He would probably be yelling at some people if he was still here.
No problem to report, whatsoever. Running smooth.
For the lazy ones, I decided to take some pictures. Click on them if you want the full size.         Front page     Front page: individually scrolling title names without scrolling the whole page     Front page: the advertisement at the bottom     The article     The article: the comment section and the advertisement at the bottom     The Forums     The Forums: the advertisement at the bottom     The Forums: reading a discussion     The Forums: replying
I am going to cite a Windows news site because it has a somewhat good desktop layout of the website, but I want to mention it ESPECIALLY for the mobile view of its website and forums. I can live with the new front page, though some tweaks would not hurt, but I am really wishing a a great mobile view.   So, back on the subject, on your iPhone or iPad, head to Neowin.net. You will see what the mobile view is really good. You can individually scroll sideways the news...
True, but it looks better than the Forums
Great new look for AppleInsider. Looks good.   Now you guys need a mobile view for your forums!
Well, back in the days, like you say it, neither the first iPhone in aluminium nor the second (3G) and third (3GS) one looked anything like that Sony device.
I'll wait for you guys to try it first, and then I'll install it on my iMac if reports of issues are not too numerous. (:
I believe that the Forums should just have a mobile view, and incorporate the advertisements at the top or bottom just like it is the case currently with the news page. The current formattig of the forums are indeed very difficult to read from a mobile device. Please AI, fix this.
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