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True, but you can't say that the big coloured buttons looks good.
BTW, I update my Apple TV software, and the new Apple TV interface is an ABOMINATION! Steve Jobs would never have OK'ed this.
Ah ok. Got you now. Thx.
So if I understand your statements, even if my current Apple TV can play the 1080p, it won't show anything on the TV if I download 1080p films from iTunes.
I wonder if the downloaded films that will be in 1080p be able to play on an older Apple TV (meaning the most current Apple TV before this new one came out). iTunes now allows you to choose whether you want 720p or 1080p download. Since I'm keeping my current Apple TV and buying the new one (just ordered it). I wonder if the old Apple TV can just downscale the 1080p to 720p.
Never mind! I found out that I needed to update to iOS 5.1
Can't update Pages and Numbers on my iPad 2 anymore. iTunes says that they are not compatible with my iPad anymore… O__o
I saw this picture of phones before the iPhone and phone after the iPhone. Strangely, all the phones after the iPhone looked like the iPhone. Anyway. Good for Samsung if that makes them feel good. As for me, I think they lack creativity. And their ad campaign is bad.
Mine is arriving on Monday
My iPhone 4S showed up on UPS tracking. It'll shipping from Shenzhen, China, soon enough.
New Posts  All Forums: