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I updated all of my iDevices (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Mac) without a problem. Did that 2 hours ago. I must be lucky or something.
My status changed. It's now "Preparing for shipment"! Woohoo!
Some people are lucky. I ordered mine from Apple, in the night of the 7 October at 03:45 EST (Montreal) (the pre-order started at 3:00 EST + delays). Don't think that I'll be getting it on the 14 October. Apple still shows my order as "Processing".
AppleInsider would really need a mobile/iPhone view for its forums. It would be much easier to read the forum that way.
Done! Place my order at 3:45 EDT in Montreal. store.apple.com/ca was very quick. no hiccups. nothing. worked flawlessly even if there was a delay.
Come on Apple! it's 3:33 EDT!!! Update the store for once!
store.apple.com/ca is not live yet…
Happy to be Canadian where we get 21Mbps and above.
Are they? None are build so far. When you read the references to what the wiki writes about, you realise that they are talking about the 12-billion-dollar plan to build manufacturing factories in Brazil. In April, Foxconn (Hon Hai) announced their plans to invest 12 billion dollars in Brazil to increase its production capacities. However, the deal is stalling because Foxconn and the government of Brazil can't agree on the terms of the invest. Nothing is signed yet, so...
What kind of rubbish is this? Foxconn are not building anything yet in Brazil. How can they even leak a photo is beyond me!
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