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People having problems with Software Updates should just go download the files on support.apple.com/downloads
Unless it ships from Canada tomorrow with one-day delivery option from FedEx/UPS, it's impossible to get it on 14 October.
I updated all of my iDevices (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Mac) without a problem. Did that 2 hours ago. I must be lucky or something.
My status changed. It's now "Preparing for shipment"! Woohoo!
Some people are lucky. I ordered mine from Apple, in the night of the 7 October at 03:45 EST (Montreal) (the pre-order started at 3:00 EST + delays). Don't think that I'll be getting it on the 14 October. Apple still shows my order as "Processing".
AppleInsider would really need a mobile/iPhone view for its forums. It would be much easier to read the forum that way.
Done! Place my order at 3:45 EDT in Montreal. store.apple.com/ca was very quick. no hiccups. nothing. worked flawlessly even if there was a delay.
Come on Apple! it's 3:33 EDT!!! Update the store for once!
store.apple.com/ca is not live yet…
Happy to be Canadian where we get 21Mbps and above.
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