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What rubbish is this? Telus and Bell (in Canada) already offer the iPhone 3GS for 0$, and for a while now, and there's no iPhone 4S or 5 anywhere. What is this mate talking about?
Finally, an iPad version. Blow-up iPhone version is really lame. Now when is the Facebook for iPad coming out?
How about Moscone North and South?
Right… And they did not sue the previous iCloud owner because? Right… Money…
http://macdailynews.com/2011/06/03/a...ntel-combined/ From the website:.
I went to the Apple Store in downtown Montreal today (21 May 2011), and the staff there was carrying iPads around and helping people with them.
That sounds logical. I'm curious to know Apple's reasoning behind this. I first realised that when I tried to change the icons of the new App Store apps, and the new icons would not take. File permissions are not the same as the other apps. So what do you guys think about temporarily changing the file permissions and then resetting it? Would that be okay?
I don't remember making that choice. And I'm the only user on this Mac.
Is it me or the apps purchased through the Mac App Store have different file permission compared to other apps? The system owns the apps, and everyone else had a read-only access. Does someone know the reason for this?
SHIT! I have an LG screen! Will need to call Apple!
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