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As I've shown out not enough income to tax exists, unless you include the broadest category of income earners; reaching well into the sub- $50000 class. Even the top GOP presidential contenders are proposing tax increases upon the 47% or so who pay nothing.When the apparently math-challenged "progressives" come to this eventual realization, their proposed "solution" will shift from confiscation of income to confiscation of wealth, including privately held assets like...
My point exactly:
Too good not to quote:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...087811480.html
As if the USSR, Cuba, the GDR, North Korea... weren't bad enough examples already
I wouldn't expect you to Hands. You'd rather read an inane screed from Michael Moore than the factual information I posted:I had assumed you were capable; I won't make that mistake again.
Not unless absolutely necessary.You don't doubt the figures Hands yet you insist someone... somewhere... has simply amassed too much money and the government ought to confiscate it to make all our problems go away, right? I've demonstrated there isn't enough, unless you attack a much broader income bracket - one that goes deep, deep into the sub- $40,000 range of annual income. I love artists Hands, but the world also needs people who have the ability to manipulate cold...
Correct.That's my point. Someone with a public school education and fifteen minutes with a calculator can see it. Why the demagogy? Why promote class envy? Why demonize wealth when it's clear that what's needed is more of it. Whatever the reason, these silly arguments have nothing to do with raising revenue or reducing the public debt.
I did, using IRS data. You just don't like what it says. Your helpful data yields the following:Code:Forbidden You don't have permission to access /whorulesamerica/power/images/wealth/Figure_7.gif on this server. I suggest that rather than examining pretty pictures, you go to the source:http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-soi.histab3.xls Read it and weep.
Warren Buffet is completely correct in pointing out that the income tax is screwed up. However, he then proposes to fix it by punishing the upper 0.3% of income earners. As I've already shown that won't matter much given a $14 trillion budget. Any idiot can determine the revenue gained by raising taxes on the filthy rich is illusory. It's a smokescreen for raising taxes on everybody - most likely, the nearly 50% who pay nothing and the other nearly 50% who pay the...
New Posts  All Forums: