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Agreed. I can only surmise that Apple is exercising extreme caution to prevent unauthorized access to your content lest your unattractive iPhone selfies be posted on TMZ. Unfortunately, in practice that means using iCloud Drive in conjunction with Macs and iOS devices borders on the incomprehensible while your documents sync, or not, for reasons known only to Apple. Or not. And God help you if you change your Apple ID password. Put all your work on hold for at least a day...
 Not only Tim - it was the exact written opinion of a federal judge dismissing a case against Google one year ago last week: http://digitalcommons.law.scu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1589&context=historical "In (Google's business) model, the users are the real product." Zuckerberg may not like it but that's the way informed consumers – not to mention legal precedent – perceives Facebook's business model.  Yes, if "in alignment" means that Apple's consumers voluntarily...
 That's what I was thinking, but he certainly made it look easy!  Outstanding talent, and voice to go with it. 
Patrick Stump's presentation was amazing. Given a few implausible lyrics I presume were created by the SoHo Store geniuses, he composed a few measures using GarageBand and his guitar. It was fascinating to see how quickly he put together the beginnings of what could easily become a popular song with nothing but an iPad and a $5 app. It's not often you get to see how artistic creativity really happens. As we watched, he did it in the span of about five minutes, without any...
 (Overlooking the shallow comment) you should have seen him 60 pounds ago.
 Brilliant! To think you came up with that idea on your own, without having an R&D budget of billions of dollars! You must be a genius. Be sure to patent that idea right away.
  If you use iTunes, your computer has "seen" Amazon since AWS is one of the storage facilities hosting iTunes music. Another one you might see is Microsoft's data center services. As far as I know Apple has never used Google's cloud services. It's normal. Don't worry about it.
 It's one of the cloud storage services Apple uses for the App Store and iTunes Store. Amazon, Google, and MSFT are so desperate to compete with one another for the storage business that it's practically free.
None of which has anything to do with iOS. I could tell unsophisticated Mac users to limit their software downloads to the App Store but I'm pretty sure that falls on deaf ears.
New Posts  All Forums: