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 Not after Labor Day. Steve Jobs would never stand for this.Apple is doomed. #applefailetc.
Apple hiccups. Panic ensues.
 Apple collected five billion dollars in App Store revenue last quarter alone. Some joke.
 I'm sure he did. 
 90% of those 5% are probably "I forgot my password". The rest are fixed by restarting the Mac.
 In which case what you meant to write is that DDG was very US centric. No doubt Google used to offer the best search engine. In their quest to Hoover every little snippet of your private life seeking to maximize advertising revenue above all else, they have fallen behind in search and can no longer be considered the best.
 Not accounting for research and development, logistics, marketing and other costs, the various chemicals that make up the human body cost about $50 less than the iPhone 6s components.
 The number of claimants is expected to be much, much less than 35% of those eligible. The sad fact is in cases such as this, only one or two percent of those eligible to claim a refund actually do so. It is more than likely that everyone actually filing a claim in this case will receive a full refund.  If considerably more than 2% apply though, each of them will receive a proportionate amount less than a full refund. It is certain that the attorneys will receive one-third...
Yes. We must always trust our government and only our government because only they know what is best for us and will protect us from...
 Avast's Mac product was always useless but its newest version installs adware. Yet another sucker convinced beyond reason that Macs need such garbage. No wonder MacKeeper is so successful.
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