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Exxon Mobile, huh. New iPhone competition?
... and subtract 5 for incorrect spelling of "discreetly".
I didn't know that androids needed to urinate.
You can do that. The FaceTime app has to be frontmost, otherwise your keyboard input will either be ignored or directed to whatever app has focus. You can't change the duration of the keypress though. It is momentary and fixed.
 The reason is simple. Fund managers always liquidate appreciated positions at the end of the year, and AAPL was up significantly in 2014. They use those realized gains to 1. show their clients how smart they are, and 2. guarantee an enormous year end bonus for themselves. This practice also has the added benefit of exerting downward pressure on the equity, meaning they can establish the same exact positions again a few days or weeks later, only cheaper. SEC regulations...
10% market share is a ludicrous figure on which to base any projections. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota each hover around 15% market share. Nissan and Honda are each less than 10%. Mercedes, about 2.5% Porsche, BMW? They're not even on the radar. Probably less than 1% each, and they've been building cars for a while. Where do you suppose Apple would fit in? Is Apple the Chevy of computers, or the Porsche? 10% US market share of automobiles is "moderate success". Really?
A long time ago Warren Buffet said that he does not buy technology companies because he does not understand them. That's good advice for anyone - don't buy what you don't understand. That's a self-imposed limitation that anyone can overcome, besides, Apple is far too complex an institution to be narrowly classified as a "tech company".  He's done pretty well for himself and BRK.A shareholders simply by buying companies that make things he does understand, like bricks,...
 Yes, as well as free live TV and XM satellite radio, but Wi-Fi is not required for Pay. Those systems only work over the continental US. Many of their flights go to the Caribbean and Latin America / South America. When live TV is not available, movies are free. JetBlue already accepted credit and debit cards using handheld devices. The card information was stored locally until it could be uploaded. Pay is no different.
Agreed. I can only surmise that Apple is exercising extreme caution to prevent unauthorized access to your content lest your unattractive iPhone selfies be posted on TMZ. Unfortunately, in practice that means using iCloud Drive in conjunction with Macs and iOS devices borders on the incomprehensible while your documents sync, or not, for reasons known only to Apple. Or not. And God help you if you change your Apple ID password. Put all your work on hold for at least a day...
New Posts  All Forums: