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  If you use iTunes, your computer has "seen" Amazon since AWS is one of the storage facilities hosting iTunes music. Another one you might see is Microsoft's data center services. As far as I know Apple has never used Google's cloud services. It's normal. Don't worry about it.
 It's one of the cloud storage services Apple uses for the App Store and iTunes Store. Amazon, Google, and MSFT are so desperate to compete with one another for the storage business that it's practically free.
None of which has anything to do with iOS. I could tell unsophisticated Mac users to limit their software downloads to the App Store but I'm pretty sure that falls on deaf ears.
It's times like this that elicit such fond memories: "... This is not an emerging business. In fact it's gone so far that it's in the process of consolidation with probably two players dominating everything, Nokia Corp. NOK, 0.82% and Motorola Inc. MSI, 0.43%" -- John C. Dvorak, Mar 28, 2007. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/apple-should-pull-the-plug-on-the-iphone
 I love having 48% of Americans pay for money I get to use for free. 
 Food is a right and McDonald's should help subsidise it for all people.Clothing is a right and Levi's should help subsidise it for all people.Water is a right and Evian should help subsidise it for all people.​Housing is a right and Clayton Homes should help subsidise it for all people.Indoor plumbing is a right and Kohler should help subsidise it for all people.Footwear is a right and Nike should help subsidise it for all people. Health care is a right and all people are...
Are you seriously considering basing an investment decision on a stock split? Yes. Buy. Buy right away.
As I've shown out not enough income to tax exists, unless you include the broadest category of income earners; reaching well into the sub- $50000 class. Even the top GOP presidential contenders are proposing tax increases upon the 47% or so who pay nothing.When the apparently math-challenged "progressives" come to this eventual realization, their proposed "solution" will shift from confiscation of income to confiscation of wealth, including privately held assets like...
My point exactly:
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