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No, it makes no sense. It's also untrue. Federal corporate income taxes in the US are the second-highest in the world. That fact and enormous near-term uncertainty regarding regulations and unprecedented government intrusion on all levels are the biggest reasons businesses in the US are suffering, causing massive unemployment and widespread misery. It's no wonder that XOM and GE invest everywhere but in the US. AAPL pays an effective tax rate of 30%. That's insane. By the...
Actually, yes. Obama granted unelected regulators the power to do exactly that in the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill he signed today.The general level of economic ignorance in Congress is equally astounding.
Perhaps he's a Wall Street analyst. Or John C. Dvorak.
What's iSuppli's parts cost estimate for MS Windows 7?
1. Do you own an iPhone? 2. Did you pay for it? If the answer to the above questions is "yes" then by definition you are one of the over 50 million people who agree Apple's iPhone margin is acceptable. The same test applies to computers, cars, Harvard's tuition, BP's gasoline, etc.
It's capitalism that's amazing.
True, if your definition of "very little growth" is "zero" MSFT has hefty corporate licensing fees and gets about $50 for every computer sold. It's not a growth company and has more in common with a utility than a technological innovator like Apple. Here's a weird one though... FDGFX's largest holding is... AAPL. Everyone loves a winner.
It's a Mac Plus, actually: http://www.spacerogue.net/Camneerg/index.html And another... a Forrest Gump special, running System 7 on floppy disks: http://aurejac.dyndns.org/
...that it's so much fun to review the prognostications of the not-too-distant past! Apple should close its retail stores. After all, they didn't work for Gateway Apple should "pull the plug" on the iPhone. (A must read from my favorite blowhard. The whole thing is a pull quote.) Another fail from the Mayor of Blowhard "It's the Pippin all over again" ...what's a Pippin? Apple RIP ...from Forbes??? Sometimes even the smart ones get it wrong, apparently. Random...
You vote your shares, Dr. I'll vote mine. I'll win.
New Posts  All Forums: