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Obama should just issue an Executive Order resolving to kick Apple's ass. Problem solved.
Try Newegg or OWC for Blu-Ray drives. Don't hold your breath for Blu-Ray. Besides likely being a transitional technology, I don't believe Apple wants to saddle its customers with Sony's licensing fees.Blu-Ray players are cheap enough. I surmise Apple's market research concluded most people interested in Blu-Ray already have large format TVs and home theaters much more suitable for HD video and sound, so the addition of this on their computers is of limited value.Sure, I...
http://maps.google.com/maps?q=neptune,+nj UPS delivers there. Just stay out of the ocean.
Seymour Cray, Amar Bose, Andy Grove, Vinod Khosla, Ray Dolby... Never say "never", defender
Phil Condit. Jack Welch. James Truchard. George Buckley. ...
Bill Hewlett. Gordon Moore. Dave Packard.Shall I go on?
Just as the human mind will suppress unpleasant memories, the actual number has been kept a closely guarded secret. This source alleges your source is off... way off.
Like "point and click"? ...but more like "stuck on stupid". Not touching. Pathetic.
It's still not correct. If uccoord is attempting to describe "item" an adjective would be appropriate, not another noun like "gratuity". "Gratuitous item" would have been grammatically correct, but would imply something worthless (A Zune, perhaps? How about a Kin?). Perhaps it started out as "free gift", but the author's manager, or manager's manager, correctly pointed out the redundancy of that phrase. Somehow "preparing to stand by" slipped through the cracks...
Most likely that was 64 K, and 8 MHz. Your floppies were 180 K, unless they were double sided (360K). With a little ingenuity, Apple bumped things up a bit with 400/800 (SS/DS) KB floppies.Yes. 640 KB ought to be enough for anybody, too.
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