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See, Brazil? You don't have to toss the baby out with the bathwater. The developer would've been the right one to contact on this one.
For those concerned about iBeacon built into your car, it would be dead simple to add, say, a button to the maps app labeled "Park Car" so users of older vehicles can indicate to their phone that they've parked. The rest of it would be the same and work well, if I read the article right.
After the recent report of Uber's anti-competitive tactics against rival Lyft I'm not so sure I'd want to integrate their API with an app.
 this.  Going for the big hammer first without even considering other options seems lazy.  And it could backfire.  It seems like it would be better to work with the developer who created the software to address the issue, rather than going straight to Apple who merely operates the store.
Yawn.  Doooomed (tm).  meh.   Seriously, though, the funny thing is I think I'm more interested intellectually and from a problem-analysis-solution perspective than I am interested in actually buying either an iPhone 6 or an iWatch (although I'm sure I'll eventually end up doing one or both).  I just love to see the product of all that hard work and careful thought.  It's somehow intrinsically rewarding to see people striving for great things.
Given IDC's track record, this probably means that Tizen has something like a 7% market share by now.
 Apple + IBM to HP: "Cool idea! We'll include it as one of the many useful features in our pending joint venture.  Now scoot along!"
Tim! Tim! Tim! Tim! Tim! Tim! Tim!
 Or both.  I've read about energy storage technologies that allow you to basically pour the full charge in within seconds or minutes, which would be truly awesome.  I think it would be nice to have 3 inductive charging units (office, car, bedside) that would continually top devices off so you rarely need to connect the device physically. That said, I think fast charge is more likely for phone/tablet/notebook and inductive for a product designed to be worn 24/7.
this would never have happened if Mike Daisey was still alive.
New Posts  All Forums: