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Not sure whether New York stores represent a good sample for US or the world as a whole, but it is interesting to see people leaning towards 6 Plus and higher storage capacity configurations. If that holds for the general case, that may help Apple's ASP.
 A user setting, and the fact that the crown and 'contacts' buttons would be reversed as far as which one was top and which was bottom.  It would work, and it's so simple.  I wonder if they just didn't mention it because they had so very much to pack into the keynote, or if they made the decision that it's a left-arm device. Oddly enough, I'm a southpaw and I think I would still wear it on my left wrist.  Hm.  Guess ambidextrous tendencies comes of living left-handed in a...
This was answered by Apple after the event, iirc. Pass code plus skin contact.
It looks like Apple will do ok without them. Square do ok without Apple (but with Apple in their space)? Probably less so.
 They're probably shopping at Target (another MCX member). Also of note: the CurrentC.com site has no link to download their vaporware mobile app (and what looks like a placeholder fake screenshot).  Instead, it has a form which requires both email address and zip code. "We're not in the business of collecting your data."- MCX i mean Apple I'm not saying MCX won't take off, or that it could even provide some good competition to Apple Pay (which I'm in favor of, since...
Be difficult to prevent it. It appears entirely mechanical. I'm sure there are companies already trying to tool up prototypes based on the video footage to get them ready to sell as close to the product release as possible.If later generations include sensors in the strap and there's a verification between watch and strap then that would be more difficult.
It would be so shockingly out of character for Apple to not iteratively improve a device that I think it essentially is assumed that v2 will improve the hardware and software. When I look at the difference between the vain glory demo and the original iPhone Steve introduced I find myself trying to imagine what a similar difference would look like between Apple Watch now and just a few years from now.
On a similar note (and I'm guessing the answer's no) is there any way to permanently remove a purchased item from your iTunes account?  Say I don't want songs I got via the Free Song of the Week if I decided they were lame after 'purchasing' and downloading them.  I'd like to not have clutter now that all previous purchases show up in the Music app.   Is there no way to conveniently 'return' a purchase (or giveaway) if you're not happy with it?
I'm always curious on the factors that push a site towards 'separate mobile and desktop' or towards a single responsive design. It does look very nice and well done.
Apple must be pretty confident that what they have is significant and will be well received. I keep thinking of Eddy Cue's statement that he felt it was the best product pipeline in 25 years. For what Apple's accomplished, that's saying something. I'm certain some will opine that it ended up being over-hyped. I may even feel that way myself. But I do expect surprises and something significant.
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