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http://daringfireball.net/linked/2014/10/09/schneier-iphone-encryption   The 'ticking clock' scenario was trotted out as justification for a law that was then routinely abused, while never being used to handle any actual ticking clock situations.   Those that give up Liberty to have temporary Security deserve Neither - Benjamin Franklin
Reminds me of a guy who had his friend call his loan officer and tell them he'd like to "walk away from the loan" and ask if that would that be possible.   To quote Babbage: I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.
This looks like a #backfire waiting to happen for the NFL.  If it had been just the Beats headphones, maybe not so much, but NFL may take heat for the fact that he was doing it to support a worthy cause - makes NFL look like they are uncaring (even though the tweet indicating that they were worn to show support for cancer awareness came after the fine).
I have absolutely nothing against investors, including very rich and powerful ones (as long as they use their influence in a morally and ethically sound way).  What I do wonder is if this may not be a case of trying to get all the gold out of the goose up front with disregard for the long term health of the animal (or an understanding of the unique way this particular goose seems to defy 'market sense' so consistently).   I also wonder whether Apple buying back so much...
 Love the idea.  Only things I'd change: instead of a curvy chevron shape maybe a simple rectangle with rounded corners.  And maybe have it be on my wrist instead of lapel.  :)
 I don't claim to be the most informed person about how Romney or Whitman operate/d, but my impression was that Romney's company restructured businesses in a way that they could at least keep the doors open and have the chance to rebuild as opposed to just failing completely (at which point the layoffs would have been 'everyone' instead of just 'many').  It'll be interesting to see if this move allows for a rebirth in a new direction or if it really is just a selfish CEO...
'bendgate' is a social construct which went viral. Actual bent iPhones is a physical issue with the devices themselves which has affected (last count I heard) a total of 9 individuals (out of well over 10 million).
 What a strange thing for Schmidt to say (assuming AI interpreted his comments correctly when writing the headline, which it looks like they did). I thought it was common knowledge that collecting data is the core of Google, and that their ad business rests squarely on their ability to do so.  I don't think Cook implied anything that it doesn't seem obvious that Google does, but maybe I need to re-read Cook's message and read the Schmidt interview and see. On a side note,...
 I don't think Apple will do it.  They know that sooner or later someone would notice and then their reputation is shot.  They aren't willing to take that risk.  I think that if the gub'ment came to them on the quiet and said 'do it or else' they'd refuse, and maybe even make public the request. I'm 90% on that.  The 10% does creep me out.
 Holder is the one who backed off on prosecuting any new obscenity cases.  It seems like giving everybody the green light to pour gas everywhere and then worrying that the fire lane is blocked is inconsistent. On another note, I think it's very telling that he and Comey are 'voicing concerns' rather than taking immediate legal action.  To me it says they know they don't have a leg to stand on, are grumpy about losing power, and are trying to drum up public support for...
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