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"Hello Mr. Yakamoto and welcome back to the GAP!"
 OSX is free.
Bose: "Sooo.... I see you have some new, shiny, deep pockets there...  Mind if I help myself?"
Huh.  I had been expecting a finished product, but this almost makes me wonder if the recent patent about a separate in-band sensor component points to more of a partnership type announcement where the product is actually something more like CarPlay.  Traditional watch makers simply need to include the sensor component in the band and have a watch face that's at least so big and contains a layer that's normally transparent (so you can see whatever mechanical watch face the...
Doomed!  Doomed, I tell you!  (and no, I didn't read the article - don't try to confuse me with information)   On a serious note, the one thing that stood out to me was the < 25% subsidized iPhone sales.  I remember reading a Deidu article a while back that discussed subsidies being palatable for carriers because the iPhone was such an effective sales tool, and that iPhone growth was greatly facilitated by the subsidization.  But this makes me think that people just want...
 I'm thinking the recent story on the FoxConn bots.  If Apple can run their own factories with robots in the US, we may actually get there.  Which will make China even more grumpy. Imagine the strategic advantage if Samsung's devices are still partially or largely hand-assembled and Apple has it's little secretive Willy Wonka factories that no one ever goes into or comes out of - just shiny product. :)
Agree about no feed. I distinctly heard a puppy start crying when I found out. Oh well.
 Majority of media outlets collectively ignore the audit and continue to rail on Apple from all angles for click bait. There - finished the headline for you :)
If kids don't know the difference between spending real money and tapping buttons on a tablet, and parents fail to realize that their Play-store-authenticated device is a blank check I think it's hardly the kids that deserve the drunken sailor comparison.
The top brass at so many news media outlets seem to either be unaware that their tech writers are trading the company reputation for any semblance of journalistic integrity (or even effort for that matter) for clicks - or else they buy into the notion that clicks are paramount and that the goose that lays the golden eggs is expendable.   This reporter seems either inept at research (googling 'apple accessibility' would've gotten her much of the info this article draws on...
New Posts  All Forums: