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I admit I was amazed by the PSP when it came out but, given limited funds, the 18-25 year old will be more likely to invest in a real gaming system or a PC with a decent video card. We're in a recession, and young adults are unemployed and underemployed in large numbers.
Ha, when I talk to people in that age range, they talk about living with their parents and contemplating waitering and/or grad school. But I will grant that the 18-25 range at least parts too easily with its money, or at least gets deep into debt.
This is all very strange. Apple is like the BMW of computers yet they're pushing a gaming platform? Don't they know that most gamers are just kids, and kids have very limited funds? Anyway, any serious gamer will have invested in a real gaming system and will not consider playing games on a phone any more than they'd watch a movie on a phone. Apple is disconnected from reality. Oh, and Steve Jobs warning about porn on Android is again proof of Apple's psychosis. The...
I appreciate your response, it was wiser than one expects in forums these days.
Because it was probably racial discrimination.
No, I'm not prejudiced at all, I've dated women of color in fact. It's actually dumb and cruel of you to assume I'm prejudiced because I bring up my being victimized because of my race. It indicates that you are probably prejudiced against whites, or at least you want to mistreat me in order to keep me quiet. But I won't be. If an Apple store is permitting racial discrimination, that's wrong and it should lead to the perpetrator getting fired. You pretend to be politically...
Where I am, the people are unfortunately split into factions. The minorities are often racist, blacks being the worst. Interracial dating for instance is opposed not by whites but by blacks.
Question is, what's the reason for the high cost. I heard there was a men's magazine that had an e-ink screen glued to the front cover a couple years ago. It's not like the screen are expensive to make.
I know, Amazon is saying they're going to provide an SDK but they're dragging their feet yet again. It's just sad.
I just saw a demo of it on TV. They were playing videos on the screens, albeit at only about 5 frames per second.
New Posts  All Forums: