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Just a nitpick, but can you guys please stop saying 'the Far East'? This isn't the 19th century, and these parts aren't being shipped from Cathay by the East India Tea Company, nor were they sold to Apple by strange, veiled eunuchs.
What I want to know is if the 7-inch model would be replacing the existing iPad or just supplementing it. If it's a replacement that's one thing, and makes plenty of sense even though I'd be a bit ticked off about the decreased size (but increased resolution might be very nice if a 7-inch screen means they can reach Retina Screen resolution or 720p or something). Because if it's SUPPLEMENTING the existing iPad, presumably at a cheaper price point, then Apple's pricing...
Here's an idea: give the 3GS (and the 3G) VoiceTime, a voice-only implementation of FaceTime so you can make free calls iphone-to-iphone even when you're out in the middle of nowhere as long as you've got WiFi access.
Let's hope the AdBlock bugs got fixed with this release of Safari. Also, let's hope YouTube5 gets fixed soon because it's an incredibly awesome extension.
Gruber updated his post to hint that a Magic Touchpad might be coming, too.
Oh, another point - I feel like August 7 would be very early for FaceTime on OSX, since it'd also require iPhone firmware 4.1 to come out (the one that lets you dial FaceTime by email and not just phone number) and I kinda doubt that'll happen until the September iPod event.
I feel like it'd be smarter for Apple to release FaceTime as part of an OS patch (or just to patch iChat directly). It's actually not unprecedented for them to add features in OS patches - for example, Quicktime Player X couldn't use Quicktime plugins at launch, but now it can use Perian, FLV player, and Flip4Mac - the only thing I ever need QT Player 7 for anymore is for remuxing H.264 .mov files to .mp4.
I'd be awfully surprised to see an update to the iPad in Q4 2010 when it's almost guaranteed to do incredible Christmas numbers without an update. I think the earliest Apple will possibly update the iPad is January 2011 and the latest is March 2011. The only possible exception is if they decide to push out an update in November with iOS 4.1 - I think they'd be wasting a lot of potential Christmas sales of the current model, but I know I'd sure be happy to see iOS 4.1 and a...
I hope this means HDMI in for the iMacs - I'd love to be able to plug my PS3 into a new iMac and was terribly disappointed to discover that that wasn't possible with the recent models.
This tech makes sense in a non-portable computer screen mainly as a supplement to mouse/kb instead of a replacement for them - or in a kiosk situation as noted above.
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