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If you are using Safari 3.1, there's a command you can enter in the terminal that forces windows to open in new tabs:http://www.tuaw.com/2008/03/21/termi...e-window-mode/It seems to work well so far. I had to restart to get it to work, but that might have just been me. This has allowed me to remove Safari stand, as that was the only thing I was using it for.Hope that helps .
One thing I'd forgoten about was the fact that RAW files will be much larger than the JPEGs I currently get out of my camera (about twice the size at least)! It's a shame my Canon 10D won't shoot RAW only, it automatically embeds a JPEG in there too . Is there way to get Aperture to strip the JPEG out and discard it when importing? Dave.
Thanks for the link, that was an interesting read. I've just been watching some of the videos on Apple's site, including an online seminar about using Aperture with iPhoto, and I hadn't realised that there was such close integraton with the iApps. One example they mentioned was that you could edit your images in Aperture, then import them in to iPhoto to produce a calendar for example, simply because the Aperture library can be set to show up in the media browser that...
I've been using iPhoto since I switched to a Mac a few years ago. Although it's great for organising snapshots, I'm starting to feel it's limitations. I want to start using the RAW mode on my DSLR, and although iPhoto can handle RAW files, it really doesn't do much more than convert it to a TIFF as far as I can tell, so you don't get all the advantages of RAW shooting. So, I have looked at Aperture and Lightroom as possible solutions, as I get the impression that they...
Does anyone have any experience with the latest versions of these apps? I've been thinking about using one of them but I was limited by my old PowerBook - now I have a new MacBook Pro, Aperture is more of an option. I've looked around at some comparisons, but they all seem to compare Aperture with the beta of Lightroom, I can't seem to find an up to date versions . I'll give the trial versions a go, but I'd love to hear from people that have actually used them in anger...
Surely the details of your contract with AT&T are up to AT&T, not Apple. OK, Apple will be involved somewhere as AT&T will have a contract with them, but to blame Apple for the whole secrecy thing is a bit off when it could equally be own to AT&T. Also, why do you have to have an iPhone immediately on launch day? I'm sure you could wait a few days more to see what the contract details are .
I was thinking about that too. Maybe Apple Inc. has bought Apple Corps? .
Marvin, Thanks for that, very useful . I've been wondering how a MacBook would compare against a G4 system for light gaming tasks. I currently have a 12" 1.5 GHz G4 PowerBook with the same gfx card as your Mini that I use for occasional World Of Warcraft duties, so it's good to know that I could get similar performance, and probably a bit better, on a MacBook. I'm not too worried if I'd need to have the options turned down as that's what I'm used to on my PB, and if I want...
You're welcome .
Bottom, hidden, no magnification. I've got a 12" PB, so screen real estate is at a premium.
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