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my brother is now buying a DUAL ATHLON 1800xp for 3d rendering. *i* hope that the g5 is an uncompromissed 64bit-part.
Everybody seems focused on the G5 for January 2002. But no speculations of the G4 making another BIG clock rate step. It might not mean too much but Motorola just silently released a new G4 version. Also no specs on more Dual-Power-Macs or probably a Quad G4 hi-end-Mac. I would guess more multi-CPU is not too likely but another significant step in Mhz could be possible. Maybe even the smallest G4 Power Mac will be over 1 Ghz early next year. If not I`d of course also be...
i had the `pleasure` to work with a <500$ 15" TFT... garbage!! nit at all a pleasure for my eyes. there are big differences in quality. apple`s displays are quality but all of us would love equal inches per $ like for CRTs don`z we?
of course it`s all a matter of taste. so that`s something you can`t argue about.
i don`t like all that aqua-esque symbols at all. it`s too much even if done `well`. aqua itself looks toyish enough.
apple`s TFT`s aren`t overpriced. that`s one more reason to believe Apple will lower prices when the whole industry lowers TFT prices.
i would want a different mouse busy animation - better: being able to convert animation into the correct site. i could do some toothed wheel-animation with lightwave or a clockwise ratating ring that works like a watch hand and looks a bit like a radar screen.. in transparent blue (or any clour) and rotating around the standard mouse pointer
I`m aware of the Themes avaiable for OS X (I like non of the few themes for either Kaleidoscope or the new project for OS X). I just wanted to point out that with all the 3rd party devolopers using lousy Aqua-esque designs (Omni Web, WindowsMedia player for OS X etc. etc.) it`s getting to much. It looks silly and cheap and the workplace looks like a playground.
i was more thinking of buying a new mac and then later upgrading it to a dual or a single g5. the perspective of not being able to do that and instead being forced to buy another mac after a year or staying with a then outdated machine is UNATTRACTIVe - to say the least. if i had a g4 400 now i would want to upgrade to a dual 733 - NOW. but i couldn`t.
We`re not hearing anything radical from that front but I don`t have any doubts that Apple where looking at AMD and might have been talking to them. I´m pretty conviniced that Steve Jobs would introduce the G5 in January if he could (or will/if he can). If we don`t see it there are surely good reasons for that. I guess we`ll all be looking at San Francisco very closely.
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