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The office buildings look OK, but the parking garage is ugly. Could they not have hidden the parking garage by surrounding it by the office buildings or jazzed up the garage?
Yes, but when moving from the iPhone 16 to the iPhone 17, is this a big change or a little change?
How is this different from a Jambox?
People are storing more on their iPads and need the space. Plus it earns a few more bucks for Apple.
Maps work just fine for me. A few destinations end up on the wrong side of the street, but I reported the problems. Will see how long it takes to get updated.
Just checking out Maps for Ottawa, Canada, I like: 1. the "neighbourhood" names inside the city - Google didn't do this right 2. the unilingual English street names instead of the mishmash of English and French names used by Google. 3. The use of real street names instead of the alternate, and seldom used, county road names or provincial highway names for streets. Apple does put highway number shields occasionally without obscuring the street names. 4. Avoiding the...
But I really like Samsung's refrigerators!
Attach your cable box to the inputs of one ATV3 and receive the video on any other ATV3s wirelessly. Eliminate the ugly cables. Apple is all about streaming, not storage, so in home streaming to supplement iTunes streaming. 1080p in home and still 720p from iTunes due to internet limits. Also becomes an HDMI switch. Plus a few more non-Apple internet sources of video. Sonos already does this for audio.
Can't wait. It should clean up some rough edges to iCloud.
He didn't have pancreatic cancer, he had neuro-endocrine tumour that originated in the pancreas, a much slower growing beast that generally does not respond to chemo or radiation, but generally treated by surgery and/or anti-hormones (octreotides).
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