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Hopefully, Apple will turn crappy headphones into "cool teen" iOS enabled wearables that eventually lead to phone sales. 
I used the 20% number just as an example but a quick google will show that apple user eyeballs are worth more per ad impression and have higher engagement which equals more time to reach those eyeballs. Basically, for the foreseeable future, apple has the android platform beat with regards to revenue for developers.
Why would developers debut or solely move to a platform with 95% marketshare that only brings in 20% of the revenue? Also, you are not accounting for extra development costs due to fragmentation. IMO, Apple is nowhere near doomed until engagement and revenue generated per user rates drop drastically (which I don't see happening).
I disagree. Apple is just fine as long as user engagement and avg revenue per user (for apps and media) is high. Those are the hallmarks of a strong ecosystem. 90% marketshare means nothing if the users aren't purchasing apps/media or engaging with the device (for eyeball time for ads).
Hmmm, but the profit made by Samsung is attributed (at least partly) by intellectual property owned by apple so had apple been given the opportunity to license that property to samsung, it would have earned money. Since Apple wasn't even given that opportunity, I would think apple could argue for damages on samsung's profits as well.
I seriously don't get the whole "It's OK for Samsung to admit guilt here since this is about damages" argument.  There is a way to contest the damages without stating straight up that the client is guilty.  Saying, "While our client was found guilty by the court for infringement, we vehemently contest Apple's stated amount for damages."  That would bypass an admission of guilt without ticking the jury off.  Is the plan on appeal to contest the validity of the patent...
While I don't think AI or anyone interested in Apple should ignore whatever information is available, I do take issue with lumping all Android tablets together in relation to Apple because:1) Those OEMs aren't pooling together their Android revenue so what's the point in pooling together all of their sales?  Look at smartphones.  People pool together Android in that space but it does HTC, LG, Motorola, etc. no good as they continue to be unprofitable (sometimes barely...
    While anything is possible in the quickly changing mobile market, I think it would take much more than Apple dipping below 10% for developers to change their investment patterns to Android.  There are some internal issues that Google must address before that happens such as fragmentation, app pirating, its focus on free/freemium apps, etc.  Also, because Apple's line of iOS products are fairly streamlined, it's simply easier (and costs less) to make and deploy apps for...
I don't think you are being that much of a realist if your main point is "Android OEMs are shipping/"selling" waaaay more tablets than Apple.  OMG, they're doooomed!" when you can simply look at the smartphone market where that is actual reality and major developers STILL debut their apps on iOS and many times don't even bother making an Android equivalent.  As others have stated, usage and revenue stats are more important than marketshare.  As a developer, why would I...
Why not use the remote app?  Large trackpad for the ATV and keyboards pop up when you need to input text.  (The "add next" feature for music is pretty nice too.)
New Posts  All Forums: