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1) You act as if a "make iOS app = print $$$" is a logical measuring stick of a new business category which is kinda misguided.2) developers large and small still have to think about and implement decent marketing to make money like any other company3) you might want to also look at freemium apps which would be a revenue stream for developers not taken into account
You are completely wrong when it comes to sales. All major sales teams are moving to tablets because it's the easiest tool for lead capture and presentations. Also, most crm applications are going cloud for that express purpose. The best example is sales force. My company is getting rid of the last application restricted to laptop/desktop because it's too old to integrate with the other cloud apps we use for work. Just because tablets don't fit into your workflow,...
Why would that be?  You would still need to use their networks (unless you are talking about voip which you can do with a tablet already).  Honest question.  I actually agree that Apple should do this.
I'm confused.  Safari on iPhone has its back and forward button on the bottom left hand corner in both portrait and landscape. I personally use Goodreader for this task.  You can store pretty much store anything in it and organize it how you want.  You can also use it to make your iDevice a wireless hard drive to transfer files to and from any PC on the same network.
I used to LOVE Quicksilver.  It was seriously the application that convinced me to never buy a non-Apple computer ever again.  Unfortunately, I stopped using it a few weeks after installing Snow Leopard.  I thought about using it again but with all of the things Apple has added to OSX, I don't think I really need it.  I'm glad it is still kicking though.
While I can always see room for improvement for iOS, I really don't get this "outdated" meme going around.  The main reason I chose the original iPhone was because it was dead simple to use as opposed to myriad menus (usually hiding even more menus).  I also chose an iPad because I knew it work the same (or similar) as my phone.  I have seen some pretty decent suggestions that would actually be fairly useful (like the accelerate to to bottom when scrolling) but some of...
No, I mean actual music albums like music.  The Gorillaz was the first I believe.
There have also been entire music albums created on the iPad.  I personally use mine to create sales presentations and proposals.
They could fire people who use birth control since it doesn't violate equal opportunity laws and most states are a right to work states.
Here's another example.  The Dream Act.  This was proposed by Senator Rubio.  President Obama adopted it but didn't get any traction due to Republican opposition since their answer at the time was "self-deportation" until Romney lost the election. 1) A publisher isn't "significantly religious" since it is a for profit company.  Hospitals and schools tend to claim non-profit status if backed by a religious institution. 2) These institutions aren't forced.  If their...
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