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Actually weighting isn't artificial when you are discussing CPM cost for advertising and "stickiness" of an ecosystem.  Region A costs more to advertise to than Region B based on pop #'s, income, etc. I had an iPhone OG (4gb) and I liked it then but I wouldn't buy it now nor would I compare it to my iPhone 4 )heck, I envy Siri right now but not upgrading anything at the moment.
Well if I were the CEO of Google, I'd be pretty concerned since web surfing is the company's main source of revenue.  AFAIK, Google still makes more money from iOS than it does Android.
I agree that we will need to see how the next two years goes (I think a year wouldn't be a clear indicator) but that still wouldn't mean no growth for Apple as it has and is expanding onto regional carriers that was solely the realm of Android so there is much lunch to eat still in the US.
I apologize.  I had taken a hiatus from reading and posting months ago but I do remember a year or so ago where you didn't seem to think that.
I wasn't the person who put his ENTIRE post in caps.  (Hint:  That was YOU).  BTW, who said anything about being happy with the same forever?  I didn't.  This whole discussion that has involved my posts started where I disputed posts that said that Apple TV was tied to iTunes and had waaaay fewer options than the competition which it doesn't.  I welcome any and all improvements.
His explanation isn't smartphone contraction though.  It's actually feature phone contraction with smartphone growth.  Once there is a plateau of switchers from feature to smart and the overall market ceases to grow or contract, THEN you could say smartphone contraction.  Just because the overall market went down or stayed the same doesn't mean smartphone sales are shrinking or are stagnant.
This is true, however, the handsets that you listed (except for the Note) are on the low end of their line (smartphone-lite).  That would mean Apple has been going toe-to-toe in sales without even competing in many of the same realms (extreme low end).  That sounds pretty good to me.  Would I rather sell two million widgets at $100 each or one million widgets at $600?   Oh, and I am glad that you admit that Samsung copied some of Apple's designs and functions so closely...
Hmmmm, I didn't think the point of the article is that Apple is taking a majority share of the overall market but the growing digital video market.  I'm also glad I re-read the link because that chart is showing share (of iVOD) after netflix is taken out of the equation because it dominates that category (with Apple dominating EST).  Oh, and the total VOD was 16% not 12%.
We have already discussed HBO Go (and there's a new article on that anyway) and Amazon so I am done with that.  You can watch Ted Talks straight on the Apple TV through Podcasts.  I have read not so great reviews on Vudu content but maybe it has gotten better.  As for caring about the Apple TV because you are a shareholder, then I guess you can breathe a sigh of relief because the Apple TV has sold over 10 million units with sales increasing (and a statement from...
If you check out the Apple TV thread, I explain why there isn't a la carte networks available. Basically, cable companies pay the networks (consumer subscription prices don't cover those expenses entirely and is made up for by advertising which requires bundled networks). Hopefully with more and more people cutting the cord, things will change.I agree which is why I find it odd to separate out purchased/rented videos when comparing to cable. You have to subscribe to...
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