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I would say no and the NPD only counted individual units purchased or rented. That does bring up an interesting question though. VOD cable also has free videos available and I wonder if NPD counted those units or only videos that have a price attached.
SolipsismX: Based on the article, no, it wouldn't include Netflix or other subscription services and purchase or rental only. That's a little odd though since you can't have VOD for cable unless you have a subscription.
The timing of this story is extremely ironic considering the discussion I've been having today on the Apple TV thread. I wonder if a certain two posters will show up here. With that said, I use to be against the subscription model but now I love it and haven't purchased or rented from iTunes in ages.
1)  I don't think products have to be the same or do the same things in the same way that another product does.  I have tried to point out to you and the other poster that you can in fact get the content you want onto the Apple TV.  You dismiss these answers because you can't get it the way that YOU want.  Then when you ask the question of why, I explain and now you say that those answers don't really matter.  Well why ask the question then?  Why not enjoy your streaming...
I can only speculate for Amazon with that speculation being that it hasn't cleared those actions (AirPlay and an Apple TV app) with its content providers. As for HBO, the reason they wouldn't want to do it is because the cable companies pay them money and would refuse to allow them to put their content via television via Apple without their services. Remember I told you that it was a miracle that there was even an HBO Go app to begin with? Do you not remember how long it...
Yes and no. Apple definitely has a history of integrating features into one device but it also seems to have a line that they won't cross with that. For example, I highly doubt it would turn the Apple TV into a full fledged computer (even though people were able to do that with the original Apple TV). That is neither here nor there with regards to HBO Go and Amazon Video though. That has more to do with the content owners and where they choose to place their content. ...
The analogy is poor because the main reason Apple made the iPhone was to integrate the iPod into a phone.  See the Motorola Rokr.  Apple hated how Motorola executed it and decided to roll their own.  And while I have disagreed with posts saying that a person MUST use iTunes to use the Apple TV, the reason Apple made the Apple TV was to bring iTunes into the living room in an easier way (I, like many, use to directly hook up our computers to the television).  Amazon and...
I actually have a 2011 mac mini but was/am too lazy to update the signature.   Also, if you are so happy with your Roku, why do you care Caps Lock Kanye West so much about what the Apple TV can and cannot do?  Life is too short.  Go get some fresh air(play).
Please refer to my post explaining why those apps aren't on the Apple TV. The one that have a history lesson on music drm.Also, I apparently don't have the answer to cure your huge sense of entitlement. I can already picture you going to a salad bar place and pitching a fit of all fits because the employees won't assemble your salad for you.
Download your cable providers tv app and if it is xfinity at least you can access ALL of the episodes and seasons of shows from those networks (except vudu and BBC) and then freaking mirror them.  If you don't like that solution then take your rant to those networks' main offices.  I am sure they will ignore you but at least you can say that you did something more than go on a caps filled rant on a website that can't do anything about your problem.
New Posts  All Forums: